A person's personality can be guessed through his favorite dessert, an ice cream lover who is shy?

What's your favorite dessert? Dessert is a dessert served after the main course. However, because it offers a sweet taste that is addictive and can restore the mood, it is not uncommon for dessert to be eaten when you are having a bad day.

It's not just dessert or food to make the mood cheerful again, it turns out that your favorite dessert can also be a way to guess someone's personality, you know!

Wow, roughly like what, huh? Come on, see the explanation!


Cheesecake lovers may at first glance look plain. But just like the layers in this dessert, their true nature can only be revealed after 'crushing down' various layers by layer.

In addition, they are also very loyal, both to people and things in life. They tend to like to overreact and get emotional about certain things, but that's because they are the sensitive type.


Donut lover is someone who is cheerful, quirky, and very optimistic. Because of their positive nature, they always look for the good side of things no matter how bad the situation.

Besides, they don't really care what the haters say about them. They are also always themselves and have a high level of self-love!

Ice cream

This dessert is a favorite of many people because of the variety of taste choices and gives a cold sensation when eating it. In accordance with its characteristics, ice cream lovers may be considered 'cold' when they first meet. This cold attitude arises because they are shy people.

But if you get to know them close enough, they are good listeners and love to bring happiness to others. They are also known to be kind and loyal to those closest to them.


Those who like brownies are the type of people who have an easy going and relaxed nature. They are also independent and really value me time.

This dessert lover can sometimes be a little introverted because he likes to spend time alone. However, sometimes there are moments where they can be very extroverted because of their friendly demeanor and love to spend time with loved ones.

Because of his friendly and relaxed demeanor, people feel comfortable around him.


Chocolate is one of the most popular desserts in the world. Because of its distinctive and delicious taste, it's no wonder many people fall in love with this sweet food.

Those who like chocolate are individuals who tend to be calm in almost all situations. They also only speak when they need to express their opinion. If they feel there is nothing important to say, they will choose to be silent.

Because of their calm demeanor, people often think of them as mature and wise.

Of the several desserts above, is there your favorite?

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