8 List of Exciting Activities to Fill Your Free Time with Friends During a Staycation, Guaranteed to Make Your Vacation More Memorable!


Quality time activities at hotels, villas, resorts or apartments with friends are really interesting to do. Every now and then, you can spend a whole day with them to hang out until you're satisfied to unwind.

Beauties have plans to hold a staycation in the near future as a year-end event? So as not to die of style, here are ideas for activities during a staycation that you can do at the inn. Come on!

1. Food Party or BBQ

This staycation activity will be something to look forward to while on vacation with friends. Agenda for dinner or lunch together can bring intimacy between friends.

Want an anti-complicated one? Just order delivery of your favorite foods to the inn. Shhh, don't forget to hunt for promos so you can get a discount!

Well, if you want a more exciting get-together, cooking a barbecue menu is perfect for a crowd to eat. To keep it practical, you can buy a barbecue package at home through one of the best BBQ restaurants in your city.

2. Suddenly Karaoke

If you and your friends are people who like to sing, try it, choose an inn whose TV is connected to a karaoke device. If not? All you have to do is search for your favorite song lyric video on YouTube, then do karaoke using a portable microphone that is widely sold in e-commerce.

3. Movie Marathon

Just a staycation in the room doesn't mean you can't create an exciting atmosphere. Relaxing in your room while watching a movie marathon is also an interesting option!

Just prepare a list of recommended movies or series on Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar or HBO Max that you want to watch with friends. Well, don't forget to prepare snacks and drinks to make it more like in the cinema.

4. Play Games Together

If you're the super-intense type, it's okay, you know, bring your own PlayStation device from home to fill out activities with friends. In addition, several games that can be played by many people include Uno, monopoly, cards, ludo, chess, even truth or dare or ware wolf that don't need tools.

5. Swim in a Summer Vacation-style Pool

If your place to stay has a swimming pool, swimming is one of the mandatory activities during a staycation. Water can make your body more relaxed and give the effect of excitement.

Even if someone can't swim, just dipping their feet or playing in the water is no less exciting. Wow, it's definitely going to be an unforgettable fun moment!

6. Sports with Friends

Sports will be more fun if done with friends. If available, take advantage of the free gym facilities at your hotel to work out with friends.

If you staycation in a villa with beautiful natural views, outdoor jogging with friends is definitely more exciting. At the same time, you can walk around the villa area enjoying the fresh morning air.

7. Hunting for Instagramable Photo Spots

Every place to stay or travel destination must have an interesting spot that can be used as a cool photo background. Wear a cool mix of outfits, then invite your friends to look for these interesting photo spots.

Voila! So you have stock photos for your Instagram feed, right? To keep things current, you can also make videos of good lodging recommendations for you to post on Instagram or TikTok.

8. Deep Talk

Even though they have been friends for a long time, having a deep talk about whatever you are feeling can be an idea for a bonding activity too. At least, the moment to tell each other and listen to this makes the heart more relieved and as a way to relieve stress.

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