6 Reasons the Importance of Self-Reflection at the End of the Year, Makes You the Best Version of Yourself, you know

It's not enough to make resolutions to face life in the next year, another important thing you need to do to close the sheet at the end of the year is to do self-reflection.

Getting used to the routine over the past year often makes your thoughts and feelings 'chaotic'. Well, through self-reflection therapy or self-reflection, you can find out what things you need to get out of that zone.

Meanwhile, for other benefits, as reported by the Healthline page, self-reflection is also able to form new views to see yourself and those around you. In full, here we have summarized 6 important benefits of self-reflection at the end of the year.

Helping Find Your True Self

The greatest difficulty in life is understanding who you really are. Often you are trapped in dreams and conditions that are not in line with what you want.

By doing reflection, you can find important parts that help you find your hidden identity. There is no longer any doubt when it comes to determining the goals and path of life you want to go through in the future. The more you know yourself, the happier life will be.

Lower Stress and Anxiety Levels

Eliminating self-doubt is of course the main key to being free from anxiety and stress that you feel. As reported on the Calm Sage page, regular self-reflection makes you more connected on a closer level, with your senses and feelings.

This is what ultimately leaves a positive impact on the brain, making it easy for you to get rid of the stress and anxiety that you experience.

Answering the Burden of Buried Thoughts

In line with the opening of self-awareness, it indirectly helps you clear the burden of thoughts that have been pent up. Various questions and doubts can be answered easily along with the opening of new sides and insights on your abilities that have not been revealed so far.

Remember, no matter how much you ask other people, the best answer you need still comes from yourself.

Forming a Better and Successful Person

You can find a better understanding of your own behavior through the process of introspection. On the way back, you can see every mistake and error in dealing with certain situations.

Take this as a lesson to organize yourself better than before. If previously you failed with step A, then in the future you need to take other steps so that it doesn't happen again.

Opening New Views and Perspectives

The formation of stronger personalities and abilities is also followed by the opening of new perspectives from different perspectives. Launching from the Life Hack page, taking a step back while looking at your own journey helps you find new insights that were not known before.

Thinking also becomes more open so that you are no longer left in the shadows of the past.

Forming Strong Beliefs in Yourself

Everything you believe to be true may not necessarily be true. Not to mention the doubts of many people that increasingly make you question your own abilities.

The best way to overcome doubt is to take a step back in your life, while finding out the truth about what you are doubting. Remember how strong and what achievements you got, to increase self-confidence so that you continue to grow.

So, close the old page and develop into a new person through the process of self-reflection.

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