6 Characteristics of a Household that is Not Harmonious, Beware Don't Ignore!

 Harmony in the household is indeed one of the most important elements in creating a happy relationship. However, not a few married couples lose the element of harmony and happiness in the household.

Then what are the signs of a household that is no longer happy? Here are 6 characteristics of a household that is no longer harmonious!

1. The House Feels Lonely

Characteristics of a household that is not harmonious, namely the atmosphere of the house feels lonely, awkward, and no warmth is found. The togetherness of you and your partner no longer feels like an interesting thing.

Conversations like about what's going on at work and other activities feel like casual questions. In fact, you and your partner prefer to share solutions or ask others for their opinion.

2. Liking Others

If you start liking someone other than your partner, then you have to be careful. Because, even if you have a beautiful co-worker or someone you've had a crush on, you won't be tempted. If you are tempted, it is a sign that your physical and emotional needs are not being met from your relationship with your current partner.

3. Frequent fights

If you and your partner often fight, it is one of the characteristics of a household that is not doing well. You have to pay attention to the communication that exists with each other.

Because quarrels that are too frequent can be caused by differences in basic principles or communication that is not conveyed properly. If the fight continues, then where is the love in the household?

4. Blaming each other

If you and your partner always blame each other, always feel right, and don't want to give in then it can trigger an argument at any time. Because the essence of a relationship is to understand each other's differences and be willing to accept input from a partner. However, if what happens is the opposite, you can say that your relationship is not okay.

5. Lazy to appear perfect in front of a partner

The longer the age of marriage, the less comfortable the couple will be to look perfect. You have to be careful if you are like that your partner will feel no longer appreciated.

Because maintaining cleanliness and appearance is still important even though you are married. So that your partner still feels he is someone of value.

6. Loss of Trust in Each Other

Trust is an important asset of a healthy marriage. If you trust each other, there will be no excessive suspicion every time about your partner.

If you feel suspicious but your partner has no signs of guilt, then try to have a good talk and find out why. By being honest and trusting each other, your relationship will be fine.

Those are some of the characteristics of a relationship that is no longer harmonious. If you experience any of the above, then fix it immediately and find a solution. Because household harmony is an important element for the establishment of harmonious household relations. Hopefully it's useful!

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