5 Ways You Can Try to Stop Overthinking Immediately


Stopping overthinking is not as easy as saying it. Overthinking is often associated with thinking processes that are too chronic which ultimately results in an increase in the amount of the hormone cortisol which can have an adverse effect on the body.

However, at least there are some exercises that if done consistently can reduce overthinking itself. Quoted from Forbes, here are some ways to immediately stop overthinking.

Immediately Realize That You're Thinking Too Much

The first way you can apply is to immediately realize that you are thinking too much. Awareness is the first step to ending overthinking. Therefore, start paying attention to the way you think.

When you notice that you're thinking about something over and over again, worrying about things you can't control, then you should immediately notice that you're overthinking and unproductive.

Challenge Your Mind

It is undeniable, it is very easy to get carried away with negative thoughts. For example, worrying about being fired if you get a work permit because of illness, worrying about being homeless because you forget one work deadline and so on.

If it's like that, then admit that your thoughts are too negative. Learn to recognize and replace thinking mistakes, before they eat away at you any further.

Focus on Problem Solving

Remember that just thinking about the problem won't help. On the other hand, finding solutions to any existing problems will help. Ask yourself what steps you can take to learn from your mistakes or avoid having the same problem in the future.

Instead of asking 'why is this happening', replace the sentence with 'what can I do'.

Schedule Time for Reflection

Thinking about problems for a long time will not make you productive. However, a brief reflection can help you. Reflection in this case can be started by thinking about how you could have done things differently or recognizing the potential guesswork that arises in the plans to be implemented.

Set aside about 20 minutes every day for you to self-reflection. In that time, allow yourself to be worried, reflect and think about what you really want. If the time is up then immediately move on to more productive activities.

Mindfulness Practice

You need to realize that yesterday will never happen again. But on the other hand worrying about the future, while you are living in the present, is also not the right thing.

Therefore, try to commit to being more aware of the life you are currently living (mindful). To be able to apply this you do need practice. Try to take the time to practice this, okay?

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