5 Tips for Choosing a Trusted Online Shop, Make Shopping More Convenient!

 Currently, there are various types of fraud when buying goods at online shops. Starting from products that do not match, funds are not returned, goods do not arrive, and so on.

Even the online shop is also one of the means of crime by irresponsible people. However, online shops also provide many conveniences for their users. Then what are the tips so as not to get entangled in cases of fraud when buying a product?

So, here are tips for choosing a trusted online shop so you won't be deceived. Let's look at the following tips!

1. Check Seller Identity

The first way to choose a trusted online store is that you have to make sure the contact listed is active and can be contacted for online shopping transactions. Also make sure the contact has complete and clear information, such as the name of the online store, the seller's address, the seller's email address, and a phone number.

2. Make Purchases on Trusted Sites

Tips for choosing the next online selling product, don't trust sites that don't have privacy in front of the site address. You need to make sure there is a padlock sign in front of the site address of the site you are visiting, especially when you are in the payment stage.

3. Check Product Reviews and Descriptions

You also have to make sure customers who have just bought products from the store get satisfaction or have good opinions. You can see buyer comments from the reviews section or reviews in the features available in the online store.

4. Choose Safe Payment Method and Save Payment Proof

You have to choose a secure payment method, if the store asks for personal information such as an ATM card pin, etc., don't give it. You also don't throw away your purchase receipts, proofs including product descriptions, prices, and digital receipts.

5. Don't Give Too Much Information

When you do online shopping activities, you will definitely be asked to provide your credit card details, address and phone number as data or requirements. But when an online shop asks for something else like an account security number, you have to be suspicious and don't give it right away.

So, those are the tips for choosing a safe and reliable online store. As buyers, we must also be smart and ingenious in selecting online shops to stay safe when shopping and don't easily believe bonuses or discounts that are too promising and unreasonable. Hope it is useful!

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