5 Simple Tricks to speak fluently in public without fear


You may already be familiar with the term 'stage fright', 'embarrassed' or nervous when speaking in public. Yes, all of that is commonplace and is often talked about.

But one thing you need to know is that the opportunity to speak in public is something precious so you need to take advantage of this moment to do your best.

Although nervousness or nervousness is common, you need to try to manage it well. Quoted from, there are some simple tricks to be able to speak fluently in public without fear. Anything? Read more below.

Confess Nervousness

The first trick you can do to be able to speak fluently in public without fear is to admit your nervousness while packing it into a 'joke'. When you do this, the audience will be more forgiving if the nervousness shows up from time to time.

More importantly, you will feel more relaxed because now the audience has been directed not to have high expectations of what you will present. Even if the opposite happens, then this will give you a sense of appreciation and admiration for you.

Redefine Audience

Not a few common tips that have been heard so far, directing someone who is speaking in public to see his audience is a collection of babies or inanimate objects or even none at all. But in fact it is difficult to do because it is difficult to convince yourself that you are really talking to yourself when the person in front of you is really there.

Instead of doing that, try to redefine the audience in front of you. When you are a student who will present in front of the lecturer, then try to assume that the lecturers in front of you are fellow students who are queuing for presentations. This will help you feel better about dealing with your nervousness.

Using Visual Aids

Visual aids can be an important investment when speaking in public. This is because the focus of the audience or audience will be divided. Especially when the visual aids used are so attractive that you will be more confident and feel comfortable presenting them. Of course this will also reduce the nervousness that may occur.

Making Mistakes Intentionally

Is a trick that is also recommended, you know! For example, accidentally dropping a note on the floor and then joking afterwards that the presentation will enter an even more confusing part.

When this is done, it is not impossible that the audience will laugh out loud which will finally lighten the mood. That way, tension or nervousness can be reduced because there is a more casual and interactive atmosphere between you as the presenter and the audience.

Talk to One Person at a Time

It is undeniable, one of the things that is often scary when speaking in public is the crowd. When you see the crowd and the atmosphere of silence begins to be created, it is not uncommon for that situation to start to appear nervous.

To overcome this you can use the trick of talking to one person at a time. That way the atmosphere can become more relaxed and you as a presenter don't feel alone in the midst of many pairs of eyes that point at you.

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