5 Rights of a Mother That Families Must Fulfill at Home, Did You Know?


All family members, including a mother, also have rights and obligations that must be fulfilled. The rights given to a mother are generally the result of an agreement with her husband.

What are the rights that must be given to a mother in general? Get to know the 5 rights of a mother that her family must fulfill, below.

1. The Right to Get or Earn Your Own

As a married wife as well as a mother, you have the right to earn a living from her husband as a partner. Apart from receiving a living, if you have the desire to earn your own living, then you must also be given the freedom to do so.

Remember that the activity of earning a living should not interfere with your obligations as a wife as well as a mother. You can start a small business that can be done from home, for example selling snacks or drinks.

2. Rights to be respected by husbands and children

The second right of a mother is to be treated well by her husband and children. As a mother, you must be treated with courtesy, have your opinion heard, and be allowed to voice criticism and suggestions to improve family harmony.

3. Right to Protection and Help

A mother if she receives threats has the right to get protection from her family. This protection is given in the form of mental or physical from the family, so that the mother feels safe in the protection of her family.

In addition, a mother also has the right to get help when needed. For example, when they carry out their daily housewife duties or when they are sick.

4. The Right to Get Love from Her Husband and Children

Furthermore, the right of a mother in the family is to get love from her husband and children. This affection is given in the form of verbal words or deeds.

5. The right to accompany her husband as a father

The last right of a mother is that you have the right to act as a companion or represent your husband in various family matters. For example, you have the right to be given the right to make decisions regarding family finances. The decision made must be respected by the husband.

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