5 Recommended Christmas Gifts for Beloved Mothers on a Budget, Pocket Friendly and Very Useful!


Christmas is coming soon, have you prepared gifts for loved ones, especially for mom? Preparing the best Christmas gift for mother must definitely consider her needs, whether it can be useful to use, as well as memorable for her.

However, don't worry if you are still confused about choosing! Here we have summarized 5 recommendations for affordable Christmas gifts for mothers that can be an option, which can also be purchased through Lazada.

1. Minimalist Wall Clock

This minimalist black and white wall clock is suitable as a Christmas gift for mom. The color of this wall clock supports a neutral and simple home interior design.

The advantage of these wall clocks from IKEA is that they don't have the annoying ticking sound, because they use a silent quartz movement. This clock is also accurate in maintaining timekeeping because it is equipped with a quartz movement. The battery is also sold separately.

2. Coffee Maker

Coffee/tea maker is suitable as a Christmas gift for mom, especially for those who like to enjoy coffee/tea in the morning. Brewing coffee/tea is made easier with this minimalist tool made of glass. This tool also has the advantage of being made of stainless steel.

The method of brewing is also very easy, just pour hot water on the ground coffee beans/tea, then press the filter down. The drink is ready to be served from this coffee/tea maker.

3. Long Model Tablecloth

Mothers are known to never run out of kitchen items. So, a Christmas gift in the form of a new tablecloth is an option. Considering that you are about to enter the new year, there is nothing wrong with replacing the old tablecloth with a new one.

This black, cream and white tablecloth is made of 100% cartoon material and measures 130 cm x 35 cm. So, before giving it as a Christmas gift for mom, make sure the table size is right!

4. Multipurpose Stacking Wall Shelves

The next affordable Christmas gift for mom is the multipurpose stacking wall shelf. This is suitable for mothers who have a lot of things but lack of space to store them. This wall shelf is certainly very useful to be pasted in the corner of the room, and can accommodate light to medium weight items.

5. Cotton Bed Sheet

This cotton bed sheet is suitable to be given as a gift, considering that it is about to enter the new year. Cotton is basically a natural material that is able to absorb moisture so it will feel comfortable on the skin. So, choosing bed linen with cotton will make anyone sleep more soundly.

There are three colors available, ranging from dark pink, dark green, and white with one size that is 80x200 cm. So, before you buy this bed sheet as a gift, first make sure the size of the bed is right!

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