5 Realistic Resolution Ideas for 2022, Don't Make It Too Hard for Yourself!

 Resolutions are often juxtaposed with the moment of the turn of the year. In general, most of the resolution is to want things to be even better than before.

According to Marie Hartwell-Walker, a psychologist and family counselor, the importance of making resolutions is that we can know where we are going, and efforts to achieve goals.

And for parents who have children, according to him, they can give their little ones an example of how parents show how to achieve and be responsible for the resolutions they make.

Unfortunately, not a few feel that resolution is just a resolution, aka fades over time. If this happens to you too, chances are you immediately set the target too high, difficult to measure, or abstract, so it feels like a failure.

Simple Goals

Therefore you can start making realistic resolutions, with targets that are easy to achieve, and then raise the stages again.

Well, for the resolution idea, the following might inspire you to do it:

Controlled Safe Spend

Last year, WFH, but there was no savings at all? Hmm, it could be that your money leaked into delivery orders and promos on beautiful dates, right!

Indeed, the temptation of promos can come at any time and it gets easier because they can be everywhere. Not to mention the output of sophisticated mobile phones that your friends also show on social media.

Of course, it's okay to want the latest mobile phones and delicious food with delivery orders. It's just that, if you don't control it and continue to follow your desires, over time you can go bankrupt!

Therefore, you can budget your monthly expenses and record them regularly. That way, you can still snack in a controlled manner and have savings.

Fluent in Foreign Languages

For example, you can practice every day for 30 minutes to listen to native speakers speak, then you repeat the essence of the topic in front of the mirror.

After coming home from work, for example, you want to watch a movie or series, then try to use a foreign language subtitle that you want to master.

Asset Increase

Instead of wanting to be rich but don't know exactly how, it's better to put your energy and thought into adding to your existing assets now.

You don't need to jump right in with your friends to jump into stocks or bitcoin if you don't really understand it, but try it by learning it first and starting according to your abilities. For example, you can start with direct debit for mutual funds 

Have an Emergency Fund

It's very important to have an emergency fund, especially during a pandemic like this. Well, you need to be consistent in saving for this, so if you have an urgent need, it doesn't feel like you have taken too much from your main savings.

For emergency funds, for example, you can separate and periodically transfer 10% of your salary to an emergency fund account.

Unexpected Condition or Calamity?

If joining the gym later can increase your expenses and you're not ready for it, then try the free method first.

For example by walking 10 thousand steps, cycling, also swimming 3 times a week.

Well, if you feel you can and consistently do it, then you can add a new target in February. Good luck!

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