5 Realistic Passive Income Sources for Your 20s

 You who are currently working and earn a steady income from where you work, then it is also called active income (Earn Income).

Although the amount is relatively sufficient to meet your daily needs, maybe now you are thinking about increasing your source of income.

For that you can maximize the source of income from passive income. Usually passive income is income from maximizing our asset ownership.

So, what can be used as realistic passive income for your 20s? Check out the full details below!

Return on Investment

Most of the young people today are investment literate.

Investment itself according to Financial Planner Aidil Akbar is delaying the pleasure now to put the money in an instrument (investment), which will be used in the future / future, and generate (money) the results are even greater.

Now while investing, you can really get investment returns, such as dividends, bond interest, stocks and bank deposit interest.

As well as capital gains or profits that you get because of the difference in the current investment value with the investment value of the previous period.


Affiliate is a way to promote a product from a business through our link as an affiliate marketer, which when a buyer buys through that link, we will get a commission.

Currently, there are many online and e-commerce stores that have implemented affiliate programs that you can follow.


Well, those of you who are committed to being a content creator are certainly no stranger to AdSense.

Quoting the Google Support page, it is a way to earn money by displaying ads next to your online content. Usually content creators get AdSense from YouTube.

Referral Code

Some apps will provide a referral code for users to share in hopes of making a profit, which for the company is a promotional strategy as well.

Therefore, if many people use your referral code, you can earn money!

Rent Items or Places

If you happen to have assets that you can rent out, then you can obviously earn from there. It could be in the form of land or your parents' building that you manage, to branded goods, clothes, and cameras.

You just have to learn how to do it safely and comfortably to avoid unwanted risks.

Which of the five passive income source ideas above do you want to try the most? Hopefully it can inspire you to be able to maximize the 'tap' of income from what you already have, OK!

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