5 Powerful Ways to Increase Confidence During a Job Interview, It's Important That The Answer Can Be Calm and Good!

 Some of you may feel nervous and lose confidence during a job interview. Either due to lack of preparation or questions from the interviewer are quite difficult and trapping.

For that, you need to train yourself to be more confident with the following tips. Check out the full details below, come on!

Arm yourself with information

Before conducting an interview, it's a good idea to do some research on the company profile and the position you want to apply for. The reason is because interviewers often ask this question. It would be a little embarrassing if you don't know anything about the company profile and the position you are applying for.

You can access the company's official website to find out the company profile. Armed with the information you have collected, you will automatically be more confident and better prepared to face the interviewer.

Practice Your Answers

You must have gotten a lot of information about tips and tricks to answer questions that the interviewer might ask. Well, you just practice to practice the answer. You can try to speak in front of the mirror and answer questions as if asked by the interviewer.

Remember, 'practice makes perfect.' The more you practice, the more confident you will be when dealing directly with the interviewer later.

Apply Power Pose

Practicing poses when going to a job interview is also important, you know. Launching from Recruiters, power poses are a good way to increase self-confidence. Furthermore, the idea of ​​power posing stems from a TED talk from Harvard Business School professor Amy Cuddy in 2012, who said that power posing can alter testosterone and cortisone levels in the brain, thereby instilling more self-confidence.

You can practice the power pose by standing straight, with your hands on your hips, and firmly tilted your chin for two minutes.

Wear the Best Suit

Using appropriate and neat clothes can build confidence and add points in the eyes of the interviewer, you know. Launching from Style Rail, dressing well can increase the good impression other people have of you. Even just wearing certain clothes can make you look smart.

For that, don't forget to prepare after the best before you leave for the interview.

Use Breathing Techniques

Facing difficult and tricky questions from interviewers can trigger feelings of nervousness and difficulty controlling yourself. The feeling of nervousness that arises can make the oxygen forces to the brain decrease so you can lose focus and concentration.

When stuck in that atmosphere, you need to use proper breathing techniques to control yourself. You can take a deep breath, then exhale slowly. In this way, the oxygen supply to the brain can return to normal and you can be confident in continuing the interview.

So, are you ready for the interview? Don't forget to apply the tips above!

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