5 Morning Routines That You Need to Do to Be Productive All Day, It Won't Take Long to Scroll through Social Media, One of them!

 Everyone definitely wants to be a productive person to be more efficient in dividing the time and energy they have for day-to-day activities. To be a productive person is actually not too difficult and can be started from easy things.

One of them starts from the morning routine that will be done. The morning is the most important time to start the day. If we start with a fun routine and a good mood, we will be more productive and excited when we are on the move.

What do you think the morning routine can do to make us more productive? Let's take a look at the article below.

1. Drink Water and Have a Nutritious Breakfast

During sleep, our bodies lack water intake which causes the body to become dehydrated. Therefore, when we wake up we are advised to drink a glass of water so that the muscles and organs of the body can work optimally. That's according to nutritionist Rania Batayneh who was quoted from the Entrepreneur page.

Before starting your activities, don't forget to fill your stomach by consuming a nutritious breakfast so that your body has enough energy while on the move. Avoid foods that are too high in fat, too sweet, or too spicy for breakfast.

Choose a food menu that has a balanced portion of carbohydrates and protein, to regulate blood sugar and make you full longer until lunch time.

2. Avoid Looking at Your Phone and Make a To Do List

Most of us definitely open our cellphones when we wake up and often it makes our mood less excited, such as work news, e-mails from superiors, or account balances that often make our mornings gloomy.

Clinical psychologist Ryan Howes, Ph.D says, "When we wake up, we are relatively relaxed. It's a good thing if we can hold on to these emotions throughout the day, which is good for our bodies and our reactive emotional systems to reduce how long we feel stressed. in a day," he said as quoted from the SELF page.

To avoid spending a lot of time opening your phone in the morning, it's better to make a to do list or a list of things to do that day. In addition to not missing work, by making a to do list we also learn to divide the time to complete one job with another.

3. Wake Up Early and Make Your Bed

Waking up earlier before the alarm goes off will give us additional time to set the mood before we go to work. If we wake up too late, a lot of time will be wasted and be in a hurry to do something.

This of course makes our mood becomes messy and something important can even be missed or left behind. Get used to it, when the alarm has sounded to get up immediately and not to snooze the alarm.

Don't forget to leave the bed clean and tidy, so that if we are tired of activities we can immediately rest comfortably. In addition, launching from the Success page, cleaning the work desk can make us concentrate more when working because there is nothing to distract us.

4. Use Neat Clothes and Simple Makeup

Whether WFH or WFO, wear neat and comfortable clothes to work. Neat and comfortable clothes will make us more confident and productive.

For those of you who are still WFH, make it a habit to take a shower in the morning and wear comfortable clothes to be more enthusiastic even at home.

Launching from the Little Coffee Fox page, use simple makeup to look fresher and increase self-confidence.

5. Exercise and Take Time to Cool Down

Do light exercise in the morning such as running, playing jump rope, or some gymnastic movements that can be done at home. Exercise not only maintains physical health, but also mental health.

Routine exercise in the morning 20 - 30 minutes helps us to control emotions and the body becomes lighter. Launching from the INC page, also take 20 - 30 minutes before or after exercise to cool down in a quiet atmosphere.

Examples such as yoga, meditating, praying, or just sitting while reading or drinking tea and enjoying the quiet morning atmosphere. This will make us calmer before starting the activity.

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