5 Healthy Foods to Gain Weight to Make It More Ideal


Although it is often heard how difficult it is to try to lose weight, it turns out that this also applies to gaining weight, you know. More precisely when you want to gain weight by increasing muscle mass.

Although there are many ways that sometimes even unintentionally can increase weight, what is really needed is food that is healthy and beneficial for the body.

Quoted from the Healthline page, here are some healthy foods that can increase weight. Read more below.

Red meat

The first healthy food you can try to gain weight is red meat. Red meat is an excellent source of protein that can help build muscle.

Red meat contains leucine and amino acids that help stimulate muscle protein synthesis. The fatter the meat, the more calories it contains.

Homemade Protein Smoothies

Next there is a homemade protein smoothie or what is commonly called a homemade smoothie. Yes, drinking a homemade protein smoothie can be a nutritious and appropriate way to gain weight.

Making your own smoothie is the best option because often the smoothies sold in the market contain sugar and lack nutrients. You can create such a delicious protein smoothie. Avoid excessive added sugar so that the nutrients are maintained.


Who among you likes this fruit? Yes, avocados can be one of the choices of food ingredients that can increase weight. Avocados are rich in healthy fats and are dense in calories.

In just one avocado, there are about 322 calories, 29 grams of fat and 14 grams of fiber. In addition, avocados are also rich in vitamins and various beneficial compounds. Besides being eaten directly, avocados can also be made into salads, and various other foods.

Salmon and Fish Oil

Like red meat, salmon and fish oil are excellent sources of protein and have healthy fats that are important for the body. Of all the nutrients contained in it, omega-3 fatty acids are the most important and well-known.

This content provides many benefits for health and helps fight disease. In 170 grams of boneless wild sockeye salmon fillet alone, there are about 250 calories and 12 grams of healthy fat.

Dried Fruit

Well, one more healthy food that can be consumed to gain weight is dried fruit. Dried fruit is a high-calorie snack that can provide antioxidants and micronutrients. You can consume various types of dried fruit and all of them have high natural sugar content.

That's what makes dried fruit good for gaining weight. Although many worry that dried fruit loses nutrients, this is actually not true, because dried fruit still contains a lot of fiber and most of the vitamins and minerals that remain intact.

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