5 Health Problems That Can Emerge Due to the Habit of Overthinking


Are you one of the overthinkers? If yes, then you need to know that it is not good to linger. The reason, as quoted from, overthinkers can make the mind continuously in a state of flux that continues to spike the amount of cortisol which ultimately has an impact on health in the long term.

The following will explain some of the health problems that can arise due to overthinking. Read more below.

Impact on the Brain

Did you know that the most obvious 'victim' of stressed thinking due to overthinking is the brain. Stress tends to have a profound effect on the organs. So that it has the potential to damage and kill brain cells in the hippocampus.

Chronic overthinking can also alter brain function by changing its structure and connectivity. Furthermore, researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, also revealed that chronic stress can cause mental problems such as anxiety and mood disorders.

Affects the Digestive System

Overthinking can cause stress which in turn can affect the digestive system. The presence of stress can cause gastrointestinal problems such as inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome, changes in gastrointestinal motility and gastric secretions, increased intestinal permeability and changes in the gut microbiota.

Influence the Heart

Too much thinking and worrying chronically can harm cardiovascular health, you know. Chest pain, dizziness, tachycardia and others are some of the problems that overthinking can cause. Other risk factors such as depression, substance abuse and difficulty sleeping are also still associated with chronic worry which can add to the problem.

Skin Problem

When overthinking causes stress and anxiety, the skin can also be affected. Anxiety can affect and even worsen skin disorders such as psoriasis, pruritus, seborrheic dermatitis, areata, alopecia and atopic dermatitis.

In addition, stress due to overthinking can also cause inflammation in the body which also affects the skin. Because the skin system is interconnected in a complex manner, where the endocrine system and immune system are affected by chronic stress.

Can Suppress the Immune System

Have you ever felt that you often fall sick when you experience stress and anxiety. Why is that? The answer is because stress can cause the release of cortisol in the body.

In turn, this cortisol will weaken the immune system. When the body's natural defenses are suppressed, it makes you vulnerable to infection and disease.

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