5 Habits That Are Often Considered Trivial, But Trigger Migraines


Experiencing migraines can be excruciating. No wonder people who have experienced it may think it is better to avoid it than to try to treat it.

Yes, but one of the best ways to avoid it is to pay attention to every habit you do in your daily life. This is because not infrequently these habits can trigger migraine attacks.

Quoted from Health, there are some bad habits that can trigger migraine attacks. Read more below.

Feeling Stress

Neurologist at Baylor Scott and headache treatment specialist in North Texas, Priyanka Chaudry, MD, reveals that stress is a big factor and is often identified as a common migraine trigger.

Working long hours or doing something that causes you stress can trigger and worsen headaches. Hsinlin Cheng, MD, PhD, a neurologist and director of the headache and neuropathic pain unit at Massachusetts General Hospital, said the same thing. He says stress is the number one trigger he sees when caring for people with migraines.

Beauties, stress is unavoidable as long as we live. But the most important thing is how we manage it so we don't get caught up in overthinking.

Not Paying Attention to Food Intake

Did you know that foods like MSG, a flavor enhancer commonly found in soups and other processed foods, aspartame, non-nutritive sweeteners, chocolate, donkey, processed meats and caffeine can trigger migraines?

Therefore, it is advisable to reduce the amount of consumption of these foods so that the possibility of getting migraines is minimal. However, it is not necessary to avoid all foods at once.

Try to identify one by one which foods are most related to the occurrence of migraines in you. In addition, make sure you get a healthy nutritional intake every day, yes.

Skipping Eating and Drinking

Migraines can also occur when you skip eating and drinking and eventually cause hunger and thirst. Furthermore, this condition can cause hypoglycemia or low blood sugar that occurs when you are hungry.

In this condition the blood vessels will widen so that it can trigger a migraine. In addition, hunger can also add to stress, you know. Meanwhile dehydration can also cause low blood pressure which can also trigger migraines.

Too Much Screen Time

In today's digital era, it seems that it is difficult to avoid screen time every day. But for those of you who want to avoid migraines, it is necessary to pay attention to the duration of screen time. This is because the light from electronic screens can irritate people with migraines.

In addition to light from electronic devices, poor body position when using electronic devices can also aggravate migraine conditions.

Irregular Sleep

It should be underlined that sleeping too little or sleeping too much can trigger migraines. Therefore, the best thing that can be done is to sleep regularly with a consistent schedule. Even if it's on the weekend.

In addition to being consistent, sleep quality also needs to be considered. One way that can be done to improve the quality of sleep is to turn off the lights while sleeping so that there is no light that can make it difficult for the eyes to fall asleep.

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