5 Good Ways to Study in the 'Scientific Genius' style of Albert Einstein, which one have you tried?


Have any of you recognized yourself as a fan of the eccentric genius scientist Albert Einstein? The physicist who formulated the theory of relativity is indeed worthy of admiration for his intelligence in thinking. To become a meritorious scientist as well as a genius, it turns out that Einstein has a certain habit.

One of them is good study habits and you can imitate at home. Curious how to learn the figure of Albert Einstein the 'human genius'? Let's find out more through the following article!

Love Sharing Knowledge

Have you ever met a friend or person who is known to be intelligent but when asked often refuses to help? This behavior is exactly the opposite of the figure of Albert Einstein. Compared to being 'stingy', Einstein was actually generous in imparting knowledge to those around him, you know. Launching from Forbes, during his lifetime Einstein was a writer who often received questions from children.

Many parents tell their children to ask the 'genius' aka Einstein, when they have a question they don't know the answer to.

As a result he received hundreds of letters to which Einstein always responded positively and with pleasure. This habit also helped Einstein to be able to publish a journal containing letters of various questions from the children.

Wisely Accept Failure

Studying earnestly and trying hard to get the maximum assessment, of course, is the hope for everyone who does it. But when the results we receive are disappointing, it often makes us discouraged. This is precisely the opposite of the figure of Albert Einstein.

Instead of being disappointed and discouraged, Einstein always took lessons from failures. It doesn't stop there, Einstein's figure will also use failure as a guide for him to make decisions in the future.

Try Again When Failed

Still related to Einstein's previous way of learning, this time there is Einstein's habit of failing. Still reported by Forbes, when looking at the archival journal of the findings of this genius physicist, there are many scribbles and underlined sentences in black ink.

This scribble indicates that there was an error while Einstein was developing his discovery. Even though it was full of revisions and lots of doodles, Einstein didn't give up, you know. He kept on trying until he found an alternative equation that could support the concept of his findings.

Don't Stop To Be Curious

Furthermore, there are other learning methods that Einstein used and you can imitate. This great physicist once revealed that he actually didn't have a special talent, you know. Einstein actually thought of himself as a person who was always curious.

Compared to easy to believe and accept information for granted, Einstein actually sought to find out and study it until he found accurate facts. This method was chosen as a form of learning process to find out what is right and right, not arbitrary facts.

Have a Circle of Friends of Smart People

Einstein's way of learning this one is not to inspire you to choose friends based on your ability to think. But it's more about being able to feel a positive atmosphere to be more enthusiastic about learning when you are around smart people.

As Einstein did, he is surrounded by mentors, teachers, and people who inspire him. This genius physicist did it so that he could continue to learn and be inspired while being around skilled people.

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