5 Gift Ideas for Friends Who Are Vulnerable to Stress, Can Help Overcome Anxiety Too!


Towards the end of the year, usually there is one tradition that is quite eagerly awaited, namely the exchange of gifts. This tradition is usually an event to give appreciation and express gratitude to the closest people.

During one year, there must be so many things to experience. Not infrequently, these things make a person prone to experiencing stress. Well, if you have a friend who is prone to stress, here are some gift ideas that you can give him. Come on, take a peek!


The first gift idea for a friend who is prone to stress is a blanket. Launching from the Huff Post, several studies have revealed that snuggling under a blanket can help reduce stress and anxiety. In another study, 63 percent of adults reported that they felt calmer after lying under a blanket for five minutes.

Not only does it help with stress, blankets with quality materials can also improve sleep quality, you know! Some of the blanket materials you can choose from are wool, fleece, cotton, and fleece. Also choose a motif that matches the character of your friend, yes!


Puzzles are a great tool to help distract and calm your mind from the many stresses of life. Playing puzzles can be a meditation practice to focus your mind and attention. In addition, playing puzzles is also known to have a number of benefits for brain health, you know!

Musical instrument

Research shows that playing music can help relieve stress. In addition, playing a musical instrument can also change the bad energy in the body into something positive and fun.

If your friend really likes and can play music, maybe you can buy him his favorite musical instrument. However, if you are not familiar with musical instruments, there are several musical instruments that are easy to learn, such as the ukulele, harmonica, and keyboard. Not only does it help relieve stress, your best friend can also add new skills!

Journaling Kit

Journaling is an activity of writing in a notebook or notebook that can help to manage and express emotions and thoughts. Journaling is known to have a myriad of benefits for mental health, one of which is dealing with stress and anxiety.

By writing down the thoughts that are running through your head on paper, it helps identify stress-inducing thoughts that are distortions of reality. Journaling also helps a person to distinguish what is reality and what is just a concern.

Currently, there are many who provide journaling kits. Usually a journaling kit does not only contain a notebook, but also some decorative objects, such as washi tape, stickers, vintage paper and many more.

Decorative plants

Last but not least, gift ideas that you can give are ornamental plants. During the pandemic, collecting ornamental plants is a favorite activity for many people to get rid of stress.

Not without reason, taking care of ornamental plants is known to have a therapeutic effect and create a better mood. There are several types of ornamental plants that can help relieve stress, such as mother-in-law's tongue, peace lily, lavender, rosemary, and many more.

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