5 Fengshui Tips to Have a Job, Could Be a Resolution for 2022!


It doesn't feel like it's already the end of the year, of course there are new hopes that are trying to be achieved. Becoming a better person than before requires hard work, because effort never betrays results.

Get a decent job, for one. For those of you who are struggling to have a job, you can do feng shui tips. What are they? Here's the explanation compiled from Her World. Check this out!

Put Electronic Items to the Left of the Table

A simple feng shui tip to attract good luck and positive energy within yourself is to place your cellphone or computer to the left of where you usually do activities or work. The reason is that the left side is able to give prosperity and harmony.

While the right side will attract more challenges that you have to live in the future, so it can slow down your chances of getting a job.

Give Ornamental Plants Around the Room

Putting small ornamental plants in front of the table can bring positive energy. You will be able to think better and this will increase your health and stamina. Avoid cacti or any plant with thorns or too many flowers, as they can become a drag. Avoid using artificial houseplants, as they can attract negative energy or even lower your mood and self-confidence.

Put a red table lamp facing south

Make sure you place a table lamp or something red in the south corner of the table so that it can spur achievement. The red color chosen must also be bright and uplifting. It will also increase your luck in getting a job.

Tidy the table after activities

How to get a job on this one sometimes escapes the mind. Tidy the table every time you finish an important activity, so that the next day will be a new start to start the day more smoothly.

Try not to make the table messy or disorganized at night, because it can cause your mind to not develop or get stuck. A clean table condition will direct the mind to be clear.

Avoid Putting Mirrors on the Desk

Avoid placing a mirror in the study or workspace, especially in a hanging position at the back. This also applies to pictures or anything that can reflect light.

This can cause you to be less enthusiastic about getting a job and can cause social activities to be disrupted. Set your mirror position now, so that your 2022 resolution to get a job can come true!

Beauties, those are the five fengshui tips that you can follow to get a job. Have a good fight!

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