5 Disability Figures Who Inspired Many People, There Are Best Legendary Musicians!

 In order to support equality for persons with disabilities, the International Day of People with Disabilities (IDPWD) has been established which falls and is commemorated on December 3 every year.

Despite their limitations, many people with disabilities have succeeded in showing talent and innovation for the people around them. Often still underestimated, they don't just stop and remain firm in their ideals.

Here we summarize 5 world leaders with disabilities who have inspired many people in various fields.

Nick Vujicic

Faced with many limitations does not make a Nick Vujicic give up from his potential. Nick was born in 1982 with imperfect limbs. Various bad discrimination about his condition made Nick almost give up. Even quoted from the Fatherly page, Nick's father had doubts about his son's ability to live life with his condition.

Over time, he managed to develop his potential to become a famous figure. Nick also often shares motivations and writes several books to provide support to people who have the same fate as him.

The tenacity of a Nick is an example of itself not to give up easily no matter what shortcomings you have.

Stephen Hawking

At the age of only 21, Stephen Hawking was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ASL), which interferes with his bodily functions. Seeing no opportunity to walk, Stephen Hawking is also predicted to only last for five years.

As if dismissing the view of people with disabilities, Stephen Hawking actually managed to unlock many secrets of the universe despite his wheelchair-assisted movement.

Through his book entitled "A Brief History of Time" Stephen shares a variety of new insights that help many people to better understand science. Until at the age of 76 years, Stephen Hawking died leaving behind a lot of knowledge and the best lessons from his life story.

Stevie Wonder

Musician from the United States, Stevie Wonder seems to deserve to enter the ranks of the most influential musicians in the world. How not, in the midst of his imperfect condition, Stevie was able to produce many of the best songs that are always hits from generation to generation.

Reporting from the Independent page, the man whose real name is Stevland Hardaway Morris was born prematurely which made the blood vessels at the back of his eyes disrupted. This condition resulted in Stevie having to go blind at a very young age.

Thanks to his efforts and unyielding attitude, Stevie has succeeded in producing songs by winning many awards for his music. Stevie's success also proves that physical deficiencies are not a limitation for a person to express the potential that exists within him.

Aaron Fotheringham

Not only revolves around knowledge and art, people with disabilities have also managed to show themselves in sports activities, one of which is Aaron Fotheringham.

As a famous skater as well as a person with a disability, Aaron Fotheringham has succeeded in inspiring many people. Having to rely on a wheelchair because of the surgery he did as a child, did not make Aaron discouraged. With a series of exercises, Aaron was able to skate in his wheelchair.

For his efforts, Aaron has succeeded in becoming a well-known athlete as well as a role model for many people to remain steadfast in achieving their goals even though they are hindered by many shortcomings.

Anthony Robles

Even though he only has one leg, Anthony Robles is still able to beat many of his opponents as a wrestler. The deficiency he suffered became a motivation for Anthony to continue to work hard and train his body strength to win a wrestling championship when he was still in school.

The peak of Anthony's success was further confirmed when he defeated Matt McDonough in the national wrestling competence known as the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). The victory changed many views that initially doubted Anthony, especially at that time Matt McDonough was a defending champion.

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