5 characteristics of fake job vacancies, one of which is asking for some funds at the beginning! Beware, Don't Be Fooled


Fraud mode is increasingly prevalent in today's era. One of them is opening fake job vacancies. The COVID-19 pandemic has made many people lose their jobs, so this is also an opportunity for fraudsters to take action.

What are the characteristics of fake job vacancies? The following is a list of characteristics that job seekers should be wary of. Come on!

1. Requesting Some Funds

The process of recruiting workers is usually free of charge. However, if there is a job vacancy that requires you to pay, then you have to be careful because it might be a fake job vacancy under the guise of fraud.

Usually the fraudster asks for some funds as a form of deposit given by job applicants. Usually, it will be written that the funds will be returned after the candidate recruitment process is complete.

2. Requesting Personal Information

Fake job vacancies usually ask you to provide personal information. This information can be in the form of a Family Card, KTP, to KTP.

This is indeed necessary related to administrative needs to taxes. However, if you have not been accepted as an employee, this information is not required by the 'recruiter'. So, be careful if the job vacancies ask for this important information.

3. Unclear Company Information

Clear job vacancies usually provide information about the company, such as the company's website or social media.

However, fake job vacancies usually do not clearly state the company opening the vacancy. The company name is not clear or job seekers can't find the company website/social media because it doesn't exist.

4. Use of Non-standard Grammar

The next characteristic of fake job vacancies is that the use of grammar is usually not standard, but it often goes unnoticed. This happens if you receive a call for an interview, and the grammar used by the interviewer is usually not standard. The interviewers also rarely share company information because they don't want the fraud mode to be discovered.

Even before entering the interview stage, the summons or job vacancies listed use unclear language. In addition, you also have to be careful if you are contacted via WhatsApp with a personal number, not the company's.

5. Pretend To Be A Recruiting Agent

Fraud in the form of individuals pretending to be agents also often occurs. This agent usually claims to be channeling me to a company that has a vacancy, and his only responsibility is to find the right candidate.

One of the goals of this person claiming to be an agent is that he will usually ask for some money from you. In fact, there are also those who invite you to take a medical test, to make it look like the real thing and not a scam. However, the scammers just want to run away with some money from you.

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