4 Signs You're Not Ready To Be In Love Again After A Breakup, Don't Force It!


Often, heartbreak due to a breakup is not an easy thing to go through. Some people even take longer to move on, even though they have tried to open their hearts to others.

In fact, there is no need to rush into a romantic relationship. Especially when you just broke up, there's nothing wrong with taking a moment for yourself. Quoting from Elite Daily, you can even say that you are not ready for a romantic relationship if you still have the following 4 signs!

1. Still Often Talks About Your Ex

broken hearted

When you're with friends, do you still often bring up your ex's name in conversation? If so, it may be a sign that you are not ready for a new relationship.

Especially if you're still always emotional when discussing it, it's a sign that you haven't really finished the process of letting go.

2. Hesitate to Commit

broken hearted

Because of previous wounds, you become doubtful and worried about making commitments to other people. This could be a sign that you still need time to heal your wound.

It's a good idea to make time to do things you enjoy or hang out with friends. You can also focus on practicing independence so that you can be happy without having to depend on others.

3. Not Feeling Interested in Anyone

broken hearted

After a breakup, being in a relationship with someone else might make it easier to move on. But the truth is, it's still hard to connect emotionally with anyone even if you try to open your heart.

Do you feel that way? If so, it's best to take a moment for yourself and resist the urge to start dating.

4. Always Comparing with Your Ex

broken hearted

Someone approaches you and you automatically compare them to your ex? This is also a sign that you are not ready for a new relationship.

You may not realize it, but if you're asking him to do the same thing your ex did or feel attracted to him because he looks just like your ex, it's best to put off the urge to start a new relationship!

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