4 Recommended Tourist Destinations in Japan During Winter, Have You Been to All?

 Japan is indeed one of the countries that is suitable as a tourist destination, especially in winter. Winter in Japan lasts from December to roughly February. Even though the weather is cold and snowy, you can still enjoy the beauty of several tourist destinations in Japan.

Which are the tourist destinations in Japan that are suitable to visit in winter? Here are the recommendations.

Ginzan Onsen, Yamagata

Onsen or hot springs in Japan are very famous, including Ginzan Onsen which is located in Yamagata prefecture. You can find beautiful views in this onsen, because this place is surrounded by mountains and is covered with snow in winter.

This onsen is quite crowded with tourists, especially at the best times like January or February. In addition to the onsen, you will also be pampered with instagramable spots along the Ginzan river.

Hokkaido Prefecture

Hokkaido is the largest prefecture in Japan. Each area in this prefecture has its own famous destinations. During winter, you can visit several tourist destinations in Hokkaido, one of which is in Sapporo where in winter, the region holds a snow festival.

You can watch a snow sculpture exhibition that is held for 1.5 km in the International Snow Sculpture Contest.

Not only that, in Hokkaido you can find many other destinations that can be visited in winter, such as the Asahiyama zoo, Blue Lake or 'Biei Blue', Sounkyo Hyobaku festival, Shirahige waterfall, also watching the Tancho crane in Tsutrui village.

Shirakawa-go, Gifu

If you want to enjoy the view of a village with traditional houses covered in snow as you can see in the wallpaper photos, then you need to visit Shirakawa-go in winter.

Before visiting there, you may need to know that Shirakawa-go is a historical village located in Gifu prefecture, Honshu. As a historical place as well as a beautiful living museum, it is no wonder that this area has become a UNESCO world heritage site.

Shirakawa-go is indeed best visited in winter, when the entire village area is covered with snow with the roofs of houses and tree branches looking white with snow cover. Visiting this village is as if you were visiting a fantasy world that really spoils the eyes.

Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park, Nagano

Talking about winter tourism in Japan, it doesn't feel right if you don't mention Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park in Nagano. What is the most interesting in this area? Of course the view of the monkeys soaking in the hot pool in the middle of the snowy area.

You can't find monkeys with this habit anywhere in the world other than Nagano, Japan. So don't miss this one tourist destination when visiting Japan in winter.

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