4 Psychological Tricks to Make Your Interlocutor Comfortable and Interested in Chatting With You, Let's Try it!

 Humans are social creatures; As long as we live on this earth, of course we definitely need to interact with other people. In everyday life, engaging in conversation with the other person is certainly not a foreign thing. Be it coworkers, friends, family, or new people you meet.

Of course you want, dong, the other person to feel comfortable when chatting with you? Apart from being self-absorbed, it turns out that there are psychological tricks that you can apply to make the other person feel comfortable when talking to you, you know!

There's no need to change your personality or pretend to be someone else, here are 4 psychological tricks that you can apply from Bustle. Come on, take a look!

Say the Name of the Interlocutor

The first psychological trick you can do is to mention the name of the other person in a conversation. According to Dr. Lindsay Henderson, a psychologist, names are an inseparable part of a person's identity.

When you mention the name of the other person, it means you respect them. Not only does it show that you remember their name, but it also helps create a good relationship.

"The other person feels validated when someone mentions their name during a conversation," says Dr Lindsay Henderson.

Imitate Body Language

In a conversation, either you or the other person may emit some body language, consciously or unconsciously. Well, imitating the other person's body language can actually make them feel comfortable, you know!

According to clinical psychologist Dr Charlynn Ruan, mirroring or imitating a person's body language when they speak can send a subtle message that they feel understood.

For example, you can lean over when the other person is leaning back, cross your legs, and hold your hand in the same position as the other person. But what you have to pay attention to is make sure you don't overdo it, okay?

Show Interest

Another psychological trick that can be done is to show interest in the other person. It may sound very simple, but it can actually play an important role, you know!

If you want to build a relationship with the person you're talking to, be it friendly, professional, etc., show them that you like them. However, don't overdo it.

To show that you are interested or like the other person does not have to be stated explicitly. There are many ways to show that you are interested in them. For example, being enthusiastic when the other person shares ideas and agrees with the opinions they share and are in line with your understanding.

Not only makes the other person feel comfortable, this is also an attitude of respect for others.

Listening Well

Last but not least, the most important thing in a conversation is the ability to listen. Many people find it difficult to listen because they just want to keep talking about themselves. Or in another case, many have listened, but only to be curious, not to understand the other person.

So, make sure you really listen to what the other person is saying to make him comfortable. Try to focus and look them in the eye while they are chatting. Listen to understand, not just listen to reply.

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