4 Habits That Are Considered Trivial Even though They are Annoying, Talking Secrets in Front of People Who Don't Know One of them!

 Have you ever felt irritated by those around you openly but you yourself also doubted whether those who hurt you are aware of their actions?

For example, talking about a secret that you don't know, or talking about vacation plans but you don't know --- aka not being invited in front of you, what else? Let's check again the habits of some of the things below that are considered normal but annoying! Don't let it be you too.

Talking Secrets in Front of People Who Don't Know

The condition is that friends are talking about 'continuation' or secret updates to others in front of you, but only you don't know anything, even though you are in a circle.

It can hurt sometimes. You also start to feel 'like not considered'. And when you start asking what the secret is and are given unpleasant responses like: 'there is it', 'duh, lazy to tell me from the beginning again!', and so on, it must be really annoying!

Make a Plan in Front of People Who Are Not Invited

Maybe it won't be a problem if the plan update that you accidentally hear is from someone you don't know or is familiar with, for example a friend who is on the phone with his family talking about plane tickets that must be booked tonight, for traveling plans next month.

But it's a different story if you come from an inner circle where you don't know anything at all -- what else are you going to take a vacation with. Have you ever experienced it?

Normalizing the Ngaret Culture!

Quoting CNN, being late is actually understandable if it happens once in a while. But if it has become a habit and even argues that Indonesians are really fussy, this is definitely annoying!

You shouldn't be like that, because this kind of behavior is considered disrespectful and sympathetic to other people.

Comparing the fate of who is the worst when talking

Duh, want to share your complaints, but you are actually made to feel guilty because your burden is not considered heavier than your friends?

"Ah, you're still better off, it's me...." or "Your problems aren't much compared to..." something like that.

Getting a response like that often makes you lose the mood to continue the story, doesn't it? Even though you might just want to get out of your head, or without expecting a solution from a friend.

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