4 Easy Ways to Improve Yourself to Welcome 2022, Do It Now!

 Welcoming the new year, we must have prepared New Year's resolutions to improve ourselves. Improving self-quality is a time where we can be more successful and productive in achieving life goals than in previous years.

How do you improve yourself in the New Year? Here are 4 ways to improve your quality to welcome 2022. Check it out!

1. Set Clear Goals As New Year's Resolution 2022

The main reason why most of us fail to reach New Year's resolutions is because we don't have a clear goal. So, set clear goals by following the SMART method, which stands for specific, measurable, approachable, realistic, and time bound.

Here is an explanation of each:

Specific: setting specific goals

Measurable: creating goals whose success can be measured

Approachable: The approach to achieving its goals must be possible to do.

Realistic: your goals should be made according to your abilities.

Time-bound: set the exact date in achieving the goal.

2. Write down New Year's Resolutions

Writing New Year's resolutions in a book turns out to be more beneficial than just keeping it in your mind, you know Beauties. We begin to understand the goals we want to achieve, so we can begin to develop plans to achieve them.

This understanding also helps us to track progress in achieving these goals. In a sense, how much longer will it take to reach our goal. Understanding these things motivates ourselves to be more excited.

3. Build Good Habits Consistently

Improving self-quality starts from building good habits consistently. This may sound trivial, but creating regularity shows that we are successful in controlling ourselves. Thus, we feel proud and motivated to achieve our goals.

Building good habits can start from doing daily activities. For example, cleaning the room, making the bed, and cooking. These good habits will shape our mindset, so that we are more motivated to consistently achieve New Year's resolutions.

4. Giving Self-Reward to Yourself

To motivate yourself in achieving New Year's resolutions, don't forget to give yourself a self-reward for the smallest achievements, Beauties.

For example, if you have a New Year's resolution of 2022 to read 12 business books throughout the year, then reward yourself every time you read 1 book. Self-rewards can be in the form of things that make you happy, or in the form of me-time that pampers you, such as going to a spa, manicure/pedicure, or taking certain classes related to your hobbies.

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