3 Psychological Tricks That Can Be Done To Make Your Girlfriend Interested In You, Dare To Try It?


When you like someone, there is definitely hope that that person can like you back and have the same feelings. However, you must understand that feelings are things that cannot be forced. You can't force your crush to like you.

However, that doesn't mean you can't try! As it turns out, there are some psychological tricks you can use to get your crush to be attracted to you.

Launching from Your Tango, here are some psychological tricks you can do to get your crush's eye on you. Come on, take a look!

Ask for help

The first psychological trick you can do is ask your crush for help. Research shows that we actually tend to like people who ask for help, even though we may not like it at first.

This is because it subconsciously makes us believe that the other person might do the same for us in the future. This 'hate becomes love' psychological phenomenon is known as the Ben Franklin effect.

Asking your crush for help shows that you trust him or her. This action also shows that you view your crush as someone you can rely on. Gebetan also feels he is needed and important.

Extend the Duration of Eye Contact

One of the most important tricks when talking to your crush is to look him in the eye. A study by Arthur Aron, a social psychologist, found that prolonged eye contact can increase the likelihood that two people will fall in love with each other.

He reveals the reason why someone can fall in love through eye contact. First, it shows that the person feels wanted. And secondly, they think that the person they make eye contact with is showing interest.

So, don't be shy to look your crush in the eyes when you're talking!

Let the crush talk about himself

It's no secret that people actually like to talk about themselves. Even if they are not narcissistic, there is a glimmer of pleasure in talking about themselves.

You can ask questions about your crush and make them talk about themselves. Listen attentively to their stories and show genuine interest in what they have to say.

Be Friendly

According to a study from Harvard Business School professor Amy Cuddy in her book "Presence", if you can be friendly and warm, people will feel comfortable around you, including your crush.

So there's nothing wrong with being warm with people you like. This attitude can show that they can trust you and talk to you about anything.

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