Young Mothers, Be Careful of Being Lulled by Each Other Unknowingly 'Emotional Violence' Called Mom Shaming!

 Have you ever felt uncomfortable from your surroundings or fellow mothers, because of comments regarding different parenting? For example, have you ever been criticized for why your child is not breastfed. Or you are called 'not perfect' because the birth did not go through the normal path, and so on.

This phenomenon is called mom shaming, which is a behavior that actually embarrass other mothers and thinks of themselves as better. This can be classified as bullying, although most likely not all criticism leveled at you is categorized as mom shaming.

According to the data we received , 88 percent of millennial and Gen Z mothers have experienced it. 38 percent of mothers most often receive mom shaming treatment from relatives/family members. Then 11 percent from friends or coworkers.

Most or 54 percent of mom shaming treatment is received through private chat or conversation.

Mom Shaming = Event for Who's Better to Be a Mother

As explained above, that inputs that are considered important by the giver do not also mean auto mom shaming for the recipient, even though the delivery may seem sharp to judgmental. According to psychologist Vera Itabiliana S.Psi, M.Psi, in a release.

Then what leads to mom shaming is when the perpetrator feels he is the best, and is likening it to a 'race' event.

The Bad Effects of Mom Shaming's Treatment

In fact, this treatment can have a negative impact on the victim. Among them, the mother feels isolated, feels that no one supports her, also feels that she is wrong and affects the level of confidence in parenting.

Vera also said that the effects of mom shaming can last a long time, and if not treated, it can lead to depression. As one of the mothers who has experienced this often, Vera suggests the importance of instilling the mind that you haven't done anything wrong, so you don't have to feel guilty, let alone blame yourself too much.

In addition, it is important to find a support system that understands your condition, then makes you more confident as a mother by multiplying knowledge by reading from trusted sources related to the world of parenting, and responding wisely and accepting their input if necessary.

So why if necessary? That's because it comes back to you, if you think it's useful then it can be used as input but if not, you can consider it a breeze.

It should also be remembered that the treatment of friends or relatives who do mom shaming, does not necessarily indicate that there is something wrong with you, but in some ways, you and they do have different ways of parenting.

It is also an important reminder that anyone can do mom shaming, including yourself to other people. The trick, it's important to think before commenting: will it hurt his feelings or not?

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