Women Say Love First? No problem, this is precisely the advantage that can be obtained


There are still many who think that expressing love must and always be done by a man. Women are considered inappropriate when they express love first.

In fact, in expressing our love, we don't need to wait for him to continue to reveal. If you really like it, there's nothing wrong with expressing love first or just telling him if you really have a heart. This is actually very reasonable and not a problem.

A woman who expresses love first doesn't mean she is demeaning herself! In fact, there are advantages to be obtained if he wants to be first and is not proud to reveal it. Curious what the advantages will be? Read more here!

1. Not Wasting Time

By expressing your love first means that you don't waste time on too long an approach. You can move with certainty to the future with the communication that is currently established.

Instead of waiting until he confesses his love, wouldn't it be better to just ask him directly? It will shorten the time.

2. You can leave immediately or try to lure him more when he doesn't like it

His name expresses love, there must be consequences that must be accepted. Is it that your love is well received or is it one-sided. This is perfectly normal, and you don't have to be ashamed of the bad things that could happen.

If he expresses that he doesn't like you, there are two options that can be done immediately, namely to leave immediately or try to lure him back. Instead of communicating and getting to know each other for a long time, it's better to be clear.

3. He can see the side of courage and believe in yourself that you are good

It's not easy for someone to tell the truth and express their love. So when you boldly declare love first, many men will see this as a good thing, where you become a brave woman. Because expressing love is still difficult, you can do it with confidence.

That's the main advantage when you confidently express love first. There's no need to be ashamed, it's better to shorten the time than to waste time getting to know each other, right?

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