When Friends Confide, These 4 Trivial Impressed Things Don't Get Done! Prove you're not a good listener


Everyone has their own way of solving a problem. There are types of people who like to hide, there are those who spit it out on social media, and what are they who vent or tell friends.

Now talking about venting, there are several reasons why you were chosen to be a friend to confide in, one of them is because of trust. Believe you can keep the secret, believe you can give a solution, and so on.

So to keep friends comfortable when telling stories, avoid doing these four things when he is venting. Read on in full here!

1. Too Often Playing Cell Phones

The first thing to avoid is playing with your phone a lot. Hey, who's that, if your friends are venting instead they are busy playing their own cellphones, scrolling through social media, and opening and closing the phone too often.

Wow, this habit should be avoided, if a friend is confiding, respect him, listen carefully, and if he asks for advice give the best solution. In this way, he vents to be comfortable, and does not feel neglected by you.

2. Cutting the Conversation

This next habit should also be avoided, it's right to cut off the conversation. When a friend focuses on venting, you interrupt the conversation, interrupting with a new discussion even though the story is not finished. Moreover, the habit of directly judging or prejudiced first.

Do you know that your actions are very disrespectful, this shows that you cannot respect the other person. So, let him finish the story first, then you can talk.

3. The Habit of Fighting Fate

The third point is the habit of luck or trouble. Wow, the habit of fighting fate like "it's still better, I'm ..", "Your problem is nothing compared to the problem I'm facing ..", and so on. Remember that everyone has their own limitations or abilities in dealing with a problem.

What you think is trivial, could be a big problem for him. You think it's easy to solve, but it's not as easy as it is to live. Then get rid of this one habit, because it will only make your friend sadder. He vented so that someone would listen, uh, he even got into trouble.

4. It's Easy to Have Bad Prejudice

Friends have not finished venting, uh, you have justified quickly. Immediately comment that is not, to give a bad assessment. Yes, it's true that people confide in expecting a new point of view and want to know the advice you give.

But that doesn't mean you can easily justify from one point of view. Try to be more empathetic by thinking before commenting.

Those are four things you shouldn't do when your friend is talking. Even though it seems trivial, if someone confides in you, please listen. Who knows you are the only person he trusts.

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