Watch out for the Batman Trap! If you experience these 4 things when you meet on a dating application, get ready to leave


Online dating applications are now so mushrooming. Many people have used it too. Behind people who are seriously looking for a mate, there are also those who are unscrupulous and just want to make a trap.

The rise of cases of crime and fraud due to online acquaintances makes us have to be so vigilant. Beauties, if you feel these four things when you meet online, get ready to leave! Anything? Read on in full here!

1. Not Enjoying Introductions

The introduction period is indeed a boring period for many people. Especially in dating applications, many of them are tired of getting to know each other and keep getting to know each other, but it always ends in failure.

However, a man who really intends to be serious can be seen from the way he makes introductions. If he invites you to get acquainted well, wants to know yourself more deeply, then it is quite certain that he really has serious intentions of wanting to make friends or become a partner.

2. Asking to be sent weird

Cyber ​​crime is now rampant. Therefore, we are required to always be careful using social media and the various applications that are used. When you just met, usually there are people who suddenly ask to be sent strange things, such as inappropriate photos and videos. Then it would be better if you immediately refused and left.

Do not give further access to this type of person, because later you can endanger yourself, Beauties. The best option when you find it is to block it and leave it. Aren't there still a lot of men to swipe right?

3. Invite Dirty Chat

In addition to asking to send inappropriate photos and videos, there are also those who invite other people they want to do dirty chat or naughty chat. Instead of focusing on the introductions that are being made, this is precisely what is being pursued.

Moreover, if you have asked various questions regarding privacy, you should just leave it! Because it started from a dirty chat, there will be many losses and bad impacts that you can get from this man.

4. Directly Invite to Meet in a Closed Place

Some people don't really like small talk through chat. They prefer the moment to meet and chat in person. If you really want to meet immediately after a few days of introductions, this is not a problem.

But you need to find out, what kind of place he used to make an appointment. To avoid unwanted events, it is important for you to invite friends or choose a place to chat that is always crowded.

With this, the feeling can be a little calmer right? But, if he immediately invites you to meet in a closed place, you should immediately decline it, because it's for your good and to avoid unwanted events.

Beauties, those are some things that can be used as benchmarks if the guy you know doesn't mean to be serious and just wants to play around. Before you get hurt or even become a victim, it's better to leave!

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