Thought It Can Make You Interested, These 4 Attitudes Actually Make Men Ilfeel You Know, One of them is Too Spoiled!


You must be trying to show your best side to your crush. Do you agree? Not only from appearance, but also from personality and behavior when they are together.

Whether you're nervous or too excited, you may unconsciously often display behaviors that are 'considered' effective in bringing your crush to their knees. In fact, some of these behaviors can make your crush stay away, to the point of ilfeel, you know!

You don't want that to happen to you, do you? Come on, check out 4 behaviors that make Ilfeel's crush, summarized from the Times of India!

Paying too much attention to appearance

It is undeniable, appearance is the first thing that men pay attention to when dating. However, that doesn't mean visuals or looks are the only thing they care about!

If you pay too much attention to your appearance to the point of forgetting other important aspects, such as behavior and conversation, then your crush will be bored and even irritated, you know! Appearance is important, but that does not mean you are willing to sacrifice other things just for the sake of appearance that can damage self-confidence.

Remember, you're not just about how you look. But also your personality, attitude, way of thinking, and other positive things about yourself.

Too spoiled

Instinctively, men will protect those they love, including their crush or lover. And you may think that your crush likes to be a 'shield' for you.

But if these thoughts make you too spoiled, and feel that your crush can accept it, it seems you have to think again, here! The reason is, your crush may lose interest if you are too spoiled and depend on him. Of course they don't want your relationship in the future to turn into as if he has to take care of a spoiled baby.

Distinguish asking for help and being too spoiled. If you really want to ask for help, ask with a mature attitude, yes!

Not Being Yourself

Do you like horror movies? You are also willing to watch horror films in the cinema even though you are scared to death. The crush, including the porridge team, is stirred at breakfast? You also join in stirring the porridge even though that's not your style when eating the food.

In short, you are willing to be someone else who has the same taste as your crush. Starting from food, favorite movies and music, to a view of life. This not only makes you lose your crush, but also loses your identity.

Just because your crush likes something, doesn't mean you have to like it too. Be yourself and be confident!

Act Like There Are Many Other Guys Who Also Like You

Not infrequently, competition sometimes makes your crush more 'fast', aka fast motion in making you a partner. When they find out the girl they like has another guy after her, they will go the extra mile.

Well sometimes, this is what women often take advantage of, but it ends badly. The reason is, men have a fairly fragile ego and this behavior can hurt their hearts. If you make it seem as if there are a lot of other guys waiting in line to get your attention, your crush may back down and not like you anymore.

If your crush doesn't back down and try to do their best, don't be happy just yet! It could be that he is just looking for validation and proof that he managed to get your heart. Once successful, the crush may lose interest because his ego has been satisfied. Wow, this is dangerous!

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