These 5 Signs Prove Your Boyfriend Has a Great Potential for Violence, One of them is Too Possessive!

 The romantic relationship between a man and a woman is sometimes not as expected. When approaching, the men may be well-behaved and considerate from the front. However, there comes a time when he is officially dating, his true nature is open and he shows signs of being violent.

You can be a victim of violence in a relationship, you. Don't get caught up in a relationship that's even torturous. Come on, identify the main signs your boyfriend has the potential to commit violence below.

1. Trying to Control Your Life or Being Possessive

First, your boyfriend always has a bad habit of interrogating your life. Starting from finding out who your male friends know, forcing you to always ask for permission when traveling, to checking message content or call history from your cellphone. This possessive behavior that tries to control your life is too much, you know!

2. Being Overly Jealous

Apart from trying to control your life, your partner is likely to show excessive jealousy. He becomes suspicious easily when he understands that you have close male friends, so he feels rivaled.

Then, he will also show excessive possessive nature. For example, he will often call you or come to your house without contacting you first. This treatment is done to overcome his excessive anxiety.

3. Have a Mood Swing

Your boyfriend is potentially violent if they have an ups and downs in their moods. Most likely he can be very considerate of you, but after a while he becomes angry and yells at you in public.

In addition, he is also a very sensitive person. It is easy to feel humiliated and rivaled by what other people say. Therefore, he tends to be possessive and easily jealous of other people who approach his partner.

4. Threatening Violence

A man who has the potential to commit violence is someone who is angry. When he is angry, he tends to say threatening words. However, once he says it, he usually apologizes right away and emphasizes that he didn't mean it.

5. Criticizing beyond reasonable limits

Not only in the form of physical, the signs of violence committed by a boyfriend can be in the form of verbal. You also have to be wary when they are always criticizing what you do. Do not let you be influenced by their words that hurt and go beyond these limits.

Those are the 5 main signs your boyfriend is potentially violent, as reported by Wolipop. Recognizing these signs is very important so that you don't fall into a relationship that actually threatens your physical and mental health!

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