These 3 Simple Signs Can Prove Your Partner Is Serious! Has He Shown It?


For those of you who have trust issues, trusting a man is not easy. Many things make you skeptical about his true feelings for you.

He may seem attracted to you, with all the charms and qualities that make your stomach feel like butterflies are flying. However, you start to wonder if he really likes you and is serious about you or is he just playing around?

Without knowing the signs a guy wants to commit, you may not be sure where the relationship is going, and you also want to know the signs a guy wants to be serious with you. What you should know, everyone has their own way of showing that they care. However, here are some signs that a man is serious and wants to commit to you so you don't choose the wrong partner.

1. Making You a Priority

When you become someone important in his life, he will make you a priority. However, that does not mean he should be negligent of his other responsibilities for your sake.

No matter how busy his schedule is, he will try to make time and make time for you at least by sending you funny chats or messages that remind you how special you are to him. So, you will not feel left out especially when you are having problems. When a guy is interested and serious about you, he will try his best to always be there and not want to let you down.

2. Be open and honest with you

Without openness and trust, long-term relationships will not work. A relationship without mutual trust will not last long. Then, what does it mean to be open and honest with someone? Being open and honest is very important in building trust.

In addition, being open and honest also gives the impression of sincerity and integrity, building a sense of self-esteem for both you and your partner. In this case, it means he can open up with you and trust you to accept his honesty. When a guy trusts a girl enough to be open and honest with him, it's a sign that he doesn't want to mess with you.

3. Involve you in the decision-making

Another important sign he's serious about you is when he asks for your opinion and listens to whatever you suggest when making a decision. It is impossible for a man to involve someone's opinion in his decision making if that person is not so important and has an important influence on him.

This means that you and your opinion are very important to him. In addition, involving you in his decision-making indicates that he is an open and unselfish person, because he wants to consider from your point of view certain things. In the end, this means that he really values ​​you.

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