There's Peter Kavinsky! These are 3 male characters on Netflix who are ideal men, do you have a favorite?

 For those of you who like to spend time watching movies or series on Netflix, have you ever missed the baper with some of the characters they played successfully?

For example, there are some male characters that you really like, and maybe it makes you wish you could meet this 'figure' in real life.

So, of the many characters, is there your idol to be the ideal man below?

Peter Kavinsky

The actor, who stars Noah Centineo in To All the Boys I've Loved Before, seems to have succeeded in becoming a magnet to become the man of your dreams! How come? He is described as a man who is loyal, understanding, does not 'keep' his partner or often shows his partner in front of many people, and supports his lover's decision.

Kavinsky, who is also popular at this school, is also romantic and close to his girlfriend's family. Very dreamy, right?

Nick Young

Nick is described so perfectly: handsome and very rich! But not only that, his role in Crazy Rich Asian also has a simple nature (to the extent that his own girlfriend doesn't realize that Nick is that rich).

Nick is also close to his girlfriend Rachel Chu's family. When it's Nick's turn to introduce Rachel to his family, Rachel gets an unpleasant treatment, which also comes from Nick's ex. But of course, it wasn't a dream that Nick hadn't protected Rachel.


From bestie to lover! Have any of you ever been stuck in a friend zone relationship? Through this Thai film with the roncom genre, you will be presented with male friends who care and are very loyal, both in joy and sorrow.

The point is, it's quite a long journey that Palm has to pass until he can finally change his status from friend to love.

Apart from the three men above, do you have any other male characters that you really want?

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