Stories of Women Victims of Violence: Think it's normal to be restrained by a partner, why do you get sick for a long time?

 There are many forms of violence in relationships. As simple as restraining a partner for this and that includes violence. Especially if one of them feels pain from the treatment.

We had a casual conversation with one of the victims of violence. The 22-year-old woman experienced violence when she was in a relationship with one of the men.

He talked a lot when he was a victim. At that time, she was in a relationship with a man who was several years older than her. Not physical, what he received was the violence of limiting activities. Where the partner is too possessive and restrained to do this and that.

"He did it like that, he said because he didn't want to lose me. He wanted me to just do it for him, so he did that," said the 22-year-old woman, Sunday (28/11).

Had the feeling that being restrained by a partner is a natural thing

He said that at first he did not realize that what his girlfriend was doing was included in female violence in relationships. The 22-year-old woman thinks that if in a relationship, it is very natural to happen.

"At that time, I didn't realize that it was a toxic relationship to violence in a relationship. I felt it was normal, because maybe there should be something like that in a relationship. But I didn't really understand that before," he explained.

While talking with our team, he also shared what examples of fear he felt. As it turns out, he can be struck with fear when only saving or still has a history of texting with his male friends.

"I used to be afraid if for example there was a guy's cellphone number, or there was still a chat from a guy," he added.

Dare to Step Out of Relationships, Because Tired!

After some time in a relationship, he finally ended it. Not without reason, this is because of the tiredness and pain experienced if you are constantly in a relationship with the partner.

"Finally I got out of that zone, yes, because after a long time I was tired myself, sick myself. Was asked to come back again, but no," said the 22-year-old woman.

"Now that I think about it, why is it so bad? Even though my life is not just for him, is it," he said.

Message to Other Victims of Violence

In a conversation with our team, this 22-year-old woman gives a little message for those who are feeling.

"The message is, you must have the courage to make decisions and leave an unhealthy relationship like that. You must also love yourself, because no matter how much you love him, no matter how dear he is, the only one who can feel the pain is yourself. It's useless to say this is to your partner, if he himself can't understand what you feel yourself. If he really loves you, he should be able to free you in a natural way," he concluded.

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