Still Feel Often Wasteful? These Quotes Can Increase Your Motivation to Save and Save


Saving is a good habit that has many benefits. Unfortunately, most of us still find it difficult to build motivation to be diligent in saving. Just because you are still young and can make your own money, you are actually used to being wasteful and spending your salary money without any leftovers.

In the end, your wallet will dry up at the end of the month. Ugh, sad huh?

If you are still lazy to save, you can read the following quotes from famous figures to be motivated to save and invest as soon as possible.

Benjamin Franklin

'Be careful with small expenses, because even a small crack in a large ship can sink the ship.' - Benjamin Franklin.

Those of you who are still wasteful and underestimate small expenses, need to know that spending with a small nominal but often done will make expenses swell.

It is very important to put the brakes on small expenses that are less important so that you can still save.

Warren Buffet

'Do not save what is left, but spend what is left after saving it.' - Warren Buffet.

An important note for those of you who are still having trouble saving, don't wait for the remaining money at the end of the month to save. It's a good idea to deliberately budget money to save once you receive a salary.

Only then can you take a percentage of your salary for other things, for example to fulfill a wish.

Li Ka-Sing

'No matter how much money you earn, always remember to divide it into five proportionate parts, namely investment, family, socializing, self-improvement, and vacation.' - Li Ka-Sing

Don't use a small income as an excuse not to save. Even though your income is small, you still have to be able to manage the money so you can still save.

According to Li Ka-Shing's advice, as much as possible you need to set aside the income you get to invest.

Robert T. Kiyosaki

'Often, the more money you make, the more you spend. This is the reason why the money you have can't make you rich." - Robert T. Kiyosaki

Young people are usually stylish according to their income. The higher the income, the more expensive the lifestyle that is lived.

Trust me, these habits will not make you rich. Unless you change your lifestyle and use some of that income to invest in assets. In addition to keeping your money from being eroded by inflation, investment can also be a source of additional income.

Well, after reading these quotes, I hope you are motivated and have a strong determination to save from now on.

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