Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello broke up, this is a good way to break up so no one gets hurt


The surprising news came from two famous young singers who often share their intimate moments, namely Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello. It is known that the two have officially ended a relationship that has existed for two years.

Reporting from the Instagram Story of the singer There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back, Shawn revealed the decision to part with his lover.

Shawn Mendes Instastory

"Hi friends, we have decided to cut off our romantic relationship, but our love for each other is stronger than ever. We started our relationship as best friends and will continue to be friends. We really appreciate all of your support from the start and will continue to move forward. forward," Shawn wrote.

It is known, the love relationship between the two started from good friends before making love. Shawn and Camilla's breakup was done in a good way. So, what is it like, how to break up a love relationship but still keep your partner's feelings? Check out the tips below!

Tell the truth

The truth is painful, but lying is even more painful. You need to reveal the reason why you broke up with him. Don't leave a lot of question marks that can hurt his feelings just because you can't explain the reason for breaking up clearly.

Also, make sure you don't talk with explosive emotions, okay? Explaining honestly in a calm atmosphere can also avoid misunderstandings.


Say it directly, not over the phone or chat

Maybe you don't feel like you used to. However, you still have to put your partner in a good place.

Talk about the reason for breaking up directly, not through video calls, phone calls or chats. Then, when you meet, choose a place that is comfortable and away from the crowd so that the privacy of the two of you is maintained.


Let Couples Respond

Once you've made it clear that you want to break up and honestly explain why, give him a chance to talk and express his feelings. Do not let the termination of this romantic relationship only on one side. Make sure you are a good listener when he expresses his feelings.


Avoid Bad Words

Even though he's an ex, that doesn't mean you have to badmouth him or say bad things about him. If indeed you have been feeling hurt in a relationship, then breaking up is the best way. Forgive, forget and keep living a better life


Give Sympathy

You can talk about beautiful things and thank him for teaching him a lot during your relationship. There's nothing wrong with saying, "thank you, yes, because of you I like to cook," or "because reading your book, I became more aware of new things."

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