Recognize 6 Signs You Are a Victim of Emotional Violence in a Relationship


Not being physically hurt doesn't mean you're free from emotional abuse in the relationship. This type of verbal violence attacks the feelings and emotional state of the victim.

Its non-physical form makes this violence difficult to see clearly. As noted in the National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse, both perpetrators and victims tend to be unaware of the violence that is taking place. It is therefore important to identify patterns of emotional abuse as early as possible in relationships.

To be clear, here we have summarized some of the 6 signs of emotional abuse that you experience in a relationship. Like what? Check out the article below!

1. Losing Faith in Your Own Ability

Emotionally abusive partners tend to like to make you doubt the truth about yourself. No matter how many interesting opinions and ideas you give, they will be rejected outright, even belittled with inappropriate words.

Not a good confession, you actually get ridicule and unclear accusations for your hard work so far. In the end, you will lose confidence and feel unable to stand alone without your partner present.

2. Always Feel Guilty About Anything

No matter how things go wrong, you are always the most guilty person in your relationship. Various striking sentences continue to be uttered by your partner until you apologize for the mistakes you didn't do.

Not only relationship problems, you will also be considered a source of trouble for the misfortune experienced by your partner. Gradually you will believe all the bad words and even blame yourself for whatever happens to your partner or other people around you.

3. It's hard to live life freely

As if to make you more powerless, emotional abusers also try to regulate your life beyond reasonable limits. As reported by the Healthline page, the desire to be superior makes your partner do everything he can to control your life in his 'own hands'.

They will continue to monitor your whereabouts, make decisions about your life to treat them like small children who are unable to stand on their own feet. You will be made completely dependent and not free in choosing what you want for your own life.

4. Close yourself from the people around you

Building free social relationships is certainly difficult when your life is fully controlled by your partner. Even meeting with the closest friends is also increasingly limited by unilateral rules determined by the partner. Over time you will only revolve around your partner without establishing a good relationship with the people around you.

This condition is even more dangerous when you start to ignore and find it difficult to trust the advice of those closest to you because of the great influence of your partner. In accordance with his goals, your partner will make you feel dependent on him without the need for the presence of others.

5. Always Feeling Too Much Fear and Anxiety

The emotional abuse that you receive from your partner can certainly interfere with your mental and emotional well-being. A study in The British Journal of Psychiatry revealed, emotional abuse creates a feeling of insecurity so that it is always unnatural to fear and worry about whatever it does.

You tend to feel this condition every time you face a partner where you don't have the courage to speak up or defend yourself. Every time you want to try to be free, you are always afraid of the shadows of threats given by your partner.

6. Often Ignored

The main habit of emotional abusers is stonewalling their partners. Quoting the Psych Central page, stonewalling is a form of emotional abuse in which a partner will be ignored and denied his presence when there is a problem in the relationship.

They will just be silent without showing any emotion even if you have given an explanation. This can increase anxiety in those of you who are being abused because it makes you feel unworthy to be loved and forgiven even by your own partner.

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