Nothing to lose, these are 5 benefits of having friends with many differences with you

 Every human being has a different character, ranging from work background, hobbies, culture, nature, and others. These differences can bring uniqueness in friendship relationships and even these differences can be one of the colorful things, and make us respect each other's point of view or thoughts.

Many think that to be friends or friends, we must have the same things as ourselves. However, behind the differences between ourselves and others, it's no less exciting, you know! If you and your friends have different backgrounds, at least you have the benefits and advantages that you can feel when you make friends with different people. Here are the benefits!

1. Become More Open and Accept Many Things

The first benefit you can feel is that you can become more open and able to accept many things. Being around people who have many differences can help us understand ourselves better and can make us open-minded.

This open-minded thinking can make us accept and think more broadly about the different backgrounds of our friends. So that this can make us able to avoid which thoughts are right and wrong or which thoughts are good and bad things.

2. Have Extensive Relationships

Having friends from different backgrounds, be it ethnicity, religion, culture will make us have broad relationships. This is a good opportunity for you, whether it's for work, business or other purposes. In addition, you can also have many friends and can connect with each other.

This is certainly an opportunity for you to have more opportunities, because you can try new things in our lives.

3. Respect each other's differences and make a wiser person

Everyone has different views and characteristics, and that is normal. You just have to deal with it wisely. With these differences, it doesn't mean we have to be enemies, but the more we understand and appreciate, the wiser we will become.

Not only that, we can also easily adapt in a new environment. You can try yourself to socialize in a new environment, so you can thrive in a different environment.

4. Complementing each other's shortcomings

Differences are not a barrier to each other to complement each other, in fact it can make you and your friends complement each other. You can also back up each other's weaknesses with your strengths and vice versa.

This can make you and your friends work together to solve an existing problem.

5. Easy Critical Thinking and Easy Decision Making

When you have friends from different backgrounds, you can get to know that person's views and that can make you open up to each other. This can change existing perceptions and make us more critical, and have a broader view.

Not only that, the difference can also make you able to see the situation from a different perspective and can make it easier for you to make the right decision.

Those are some of the benefits of having friends from different backgrounds. The existence of differences in friendship, does not only make us distant from each other or at odds, in fact this can make us a better person. So, even though there are differences, you can still support each other, right?

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