Not Only Love, Friendship Can Also Be One-sided! Recognize the Signs


One-sided love may not be a foreign term to the ear. But what about one-sided friendship? Apparently, friendship can also be one-sided, you know.

As the name implies, one-sided friendship means a relationship that is only fought for by one party. Maybe you think they are friends and are always ready to help. But it could be that they just think of you as someone they know and come over when needed.

Friendship is only fought one-sidedly not only makes you tired, but also feels betrayed and as if not considered. So, what are the signs of a one-sided friendship? Launching from Your Tango, check out the discussion!

Only Call When Needed

One of the most striking signs of a one-sided friendship is that they only contact you when they need help. If they feel they have no interest in you, don't expect them to contact you.

The forms also vary, can borrow money, ask for advice, or help them solve complex problems. Sadly, when it's your turn to ask for help, they suddenly disappear without a trace.

They don't see friendship as a genuine relationship and are just trying to take advantage of you. If you find this sign on your friendship, watch out!

Friendship Only Centered On Them

When we are chatting, normally we will discuss each other's perspective on a topic. However, in a one-sided friendship, friends tend to only talk about themselves.

Not only chatting, they also only focus on themselves and consider themselves the most important in the friendship. In fact, to build a healthy friendship, you have to care about each other's stories and lives.

Never took the initiative to spend time together

If you don't have a stable romantic relationship in your life right now, why not celebrate Valentine's Day with other loved ones, like your best friend. Never take the initiative to spend time together/Photo:

Hanging out with friends can be a fun and relaxing activity. But what happens if you are the only one who always takes the initiative to hang out?

This could be another major sign that your friendship is one sided. Even though they have busy schedules, it doesn't mean that you're the only one trying to make time for them.

Everyone involved in friendship should try to reach out to one another. If you never see your best friend trying to make time for you, it may be time for you to leave the relationship.

Friends Never Thank You

Another sign of a one-sided friendship is that your best friend never says thank you for what you have done for him or her. For example, after you give him a gift, listen to his vent in the middle of the night, or other forms of assistance.

Maybe you don't expect anything in return for the help you give. After all, you did it out of sincerity. However, if this happens often, your friend may think that your help is an obligation or something that must be done. In fact, they may even think that you don't deserve a thank you.

If you find these signs in your current friendship, there are two choices you can take. First, discuss this with a friend from heart to heart, if there is a solution that can be found.

Second, if you can no longer tolerate their attitude and there is no middle ground that can be taken, don't hesitate to leave the one-sided friendly relationship.

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