Not Just Gaslighting, It's Toxic Relationship Attitude In Taylor Swift's Short Film "All To Well"


The song All to Well released by Taylor Swift is one of the most famous songs on the RED album and was a hot topic of conversation by netizens around the world. Not only because the music is pleasant to hear, but the lyrics show the love story of Taylor Swift who ran aground with her ex, namely actor Jake Gyllenhaal when she was 20 years old.

Past love stories are increasingly highlighted after the 32-year-old singer launched the short film All to Well. In the film, the song All to Well accompanies up to 10 minutes.

The short film, which was played by Dylan O'Brien and Sadie Sink, made the plot and the song even more emotional. But who would have thought, the fabric of love that is told in the short film is a form of toxic relationship.

So, what are the forms of toxic relationships shown in the film scene? Come on, see the discussion!


psychological abuse when someone makes another person question their sanity, perception of reality, or memory. People who experience gaslighting often feel confused, anxious, and can't trust themselves.

In the short film All Too Well, while hanging out with Dylan's friends, there is a moment when Sadie holds Dylan's hand but is rejected. When the show was over, Sadie felt even more annoyed that her argument was just bullshit.

Dylan's denial is a form of gaslighting. Denial is denial that involves someone pretending to forget an event or how it happened. They may deny having said or done anything or accuse someone of making things up.

Playing Victim

According to a study, when someone gaslights, it will be accompanied by a victim playing attitude. Playing victim and gaslighting is often done simultaneously by the perpetrator so that the victim feels guilty and the perpetrator seems to be the victim.

Still in the scene after dinner with Dylan's friends, Sadie is accused of looking annoyed because it seems like she doesn't like Dylan's friends.

"These are my friends," a sentence that is intended as if Dylan is a victim because his friends are not liked by his girlfriend. In fact, Sadie's frustration was due to Dylan's behavior during dinner.


Ignorant partners may only care about their small world and begin to ignore their partner's needs. Ignorance itself is an attitude of not caring that is shown by ignoring other people.

The huge age difference between Dylan, his friends and Sadie, makes it difficult for Sadie to mingle at dinner. Dylan, the only person who should be comfortable and minimize the awkward feeling, actually doesn't seem to care.

Belittling or Berate

The words that used to be able to envelop in warmth and comfort, are now so painful. Someone yells and yells at their partner, making them feel less like themselves.

Dylan's harsh tone during an argument is one example of the convoluted or cursing that makes his partner, Sadie, not who he is and finds it difficult to express his feelings. Belitting itself if interpreted is an act of belittling.

If your partner shows the attitudes above, it's time for you to be vigilant. This attitude is a red flag and you should think again about continuing your relationship.

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