No need to use veins, this is the elegant way to deal with toxic friends


Being in a circle of friends, of course you always face various kinds of characters and diverse traits. I don't know if we can accept that or not, if you feel compatible with him, he could be your best friend, but if not, he'll just be an ordinary friend.

A long time in friendship also does not guarantee that you know the full range of his traits and characteristics. You may suddenly find out his true nature.

Well, usually this happens because of the environment, if you are in a toxic friendship environment, this can make you feel uncomfortable. Even this can also make you stressed if you are around him. These toxic friends will usually compete with you and they can also make you change.

One of the most common signs is that they can usually stab you in the back. When near you he will be very good, but when not with you, then you will be vilified. It's better if you avoid friends who have such traits. Here are some ways you can deal with toxic friends.

Limiting Interaction

If you think you have a toxic friend, you should limit your interactions with them. Arrange your time so you don't see him often. You can meet occasionally just to be a relationship. If you already feel burdened when you face negative things from him, you should avoid it and don't let yourself be harmed.

Don't Get Emotions

When you're dealing with a toxic friend, it's best to resist the urge to retaliate. Don't get carried away by your emotions because if you reply, you are just like your toxic friend. Cool your heart and head so you can go away from it.

Go while Discussing Negative Topics

When you have to meet with him and he starts talking about negative things, you should immediately leave or stay away from your friend. You can deal with it by pretending to pick up the phone or go to the bathroom. You have to do this so it doesn't cause a lot of drama and you also deserve to make good friends.

Ask Others' Opinions

When you want to know if your friend's nature is really toxic, you can ask other people's opinions about it. Didn't mean to talk about it behind my back. However, knowing whether or not what you feel is true or not. Knowing other people's opinions will make you more able to get good and mature considerations.

Learn to Be Firm

The important point that you have to take note of and what you do is try to be assertive. Learn to be firm when it comes to negative things and negative chatter. If you feel bad, try to get rid of the feeling.

Dare to Say No

It's hard to say no. However, if you don't do this it will boomerang for you and stick to your stance to say no. If you've done it a few times then you'll get used to it.

Those are some elegant ways you can deal with toxic friends. Dealing with toxic friends is not easy, but you have to be mentally strong so you don't get influenced by them.

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