New Mothers Must Know This! These are 6 fun activities that make the relationship between father and son closer and more compact


The relationship between father and son will affect the growth and development of the child's character. Unfortunately, not all children have a close or close relationship with the father, unlike the relationship between a child and a mother.

Some children may be afraid or awkward when doing activities with their father because of the father's character who tends to be strict in the eyes of the child. Well, for those of you who are moms who feel the child's relationship with the father is lacking, you should talk to your husband so as not to be 'impressed by distance' with your child so that you can be seen as a firm father figure.

But raising children together, being friends with your little one, will certainly be very good for their development. Here are fun activities that can be done together, especially during holidays that make father and son become compact.

1. Learn to Cook

Teaching children to cook can help children think more creatively and improve children's memory with the necessary cooking ingredients. In addition, father and son are also more compact during the cooking process and become more fun.

Choose recipes that are easy to make or don't require a lot of ingredients, but still make the child satisfied with the results of the dishes made with his father. Don't forget to provide education, such as being careful using utensils in the kitchen and introducing food ingredients that are healthy for the body.

2. House Cleaning

Launching from the No Guilt Life page, invite children to clean their bicycles and teach them how to keep things clean and durable. If the father needs help cleaning the car or motorbike, you can invite the children to help, yes. Cleaning the house can be one of the tiring activities, moms.

But, if done together can be fun and quickly finished. Give the task to the father and children to clean the house in stages, starting from the child's bedroom, family room, to the yard.

3. Vacation or Camping

Launching from the All Pro Dad page, take your child for a vacation that doesn't have to be luxurious for one night and create a close bond with the child. If during the COVID-19 pandemic, taking a vacation is too risky, you can invite them to camp in your backyard.

Ask questions that make your child talk and share his feelings to understand each other's father-daughter relationship. Ask questions like what the child is enjoying or what the child would like to do with the father.

4. Shopping for Home Supplies

Well moms, occasionally enjoy the time for me time even at home. Give the task to the son and father to shop for household needs at the supermarket. Give a list of groceries to buy or make it like a guessing game what to buy.

This activity requires solidarity between father and son to find items to buy and where to place them. Don't forget to give gifts or rewards when they successfully complete the mission of shopping for household needs.

5. Outdoor Sports or Play

Doing outdoor activities, such as sports is one of the fun activities. Launching from the Father Mag page, inviting children to exercise regularly not only makes the body healthy, but also strengthens the relationship between father and son.

Not only sports, invite children to play such as playing basketball, badminton, or their favorite sport to train cohesiveness and a sense of solidarity.

6. Visiting Fun Places

Visiting museums, public libraries, playgrounds, zoos, or others can be a fun activity to do on weekends. This is as reported by the Daily Mom page.

In addition, walking around the city, playing on the beach, or exploring new places can also be new activities for fathers and children. This activity will provide an unforgettable experience for the child along with his father and will always be remembered as he grows up.

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