Making Love Make Glowing Skin, Myth or Fact?


Many studies reveal that women who have sex 3 times a week, on average have an appearance 3-4 years younger than their actual age! Many also say that sex makes women look more glowing.

It turns out that this is not just a myth, Ladies. When having sex there is the hormone estrogen produced by the body. The production of the hormone estrogen helps increase collagen in the skin so it is believed to be the reason why the face looks bright and glowing after sex.

Here are the facts about the benefits of having sex for beauty. Let's listen!

1. Prevents Premature Aging

When you are too busy either with work or other matters, it can trigger stress and unknowingly can have a huge impact on skin health. But with sex, the body will produce collagen, so that the elasticity of the skin will be more awake and avoid wrinkles and other signs of aging.

2. Makes Skin Shiny

Making love can also improve blood circulation, ladies. Because sex makes oxygen flow directly to the skin and makes it look brighter. Moreover, coupled with your better mood, the face looks brighter.

3. Prevents Dry Skin

Usually to prevent dehydrated skin, you are advised to consume water and choose the right skincare. But apparently, in addition to drinking water, making love can also hydrate the skin. This happens because blood circulation during sex will become smoother, so that the skin moisture is maintained and healthy.

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