Keep Friendship Anti-Conflict, Try Applying These 4 Limits with Friends Come on!

 Conflict is inevitable in every type of relationship, and friendship is no exception. There are many factors that can trigger conflicts with friends, one of which is too much personal matters.

Actually, the conflict can be minimized by setting boundaries or setting boundaries. Boundaries can be interpreted as something that we limit with others about what is acceptable and not acceptable. These limits can be in the form of attitudes, words or behavior.

Even though you may feel that you are very close to your best friend like there is no gap that can separate you two, setting boundaries is important. The reason is, setting boundaries in friendships can keep relationships healthy and away from conflict.

So, what limits can you apply in a friendly relationship? Come on, find out!

Emotional Limits

Often friends become the main goal as a place to vent when we are having serious problems or just sharing stories. However, one thing that must be understood is that you may be able to provide solutions and try to be there for your friends, but you can't completely solve their problems.

According to the Brit Co, Shannon Thomas, a therapist, relationship expert, and author, says don't try to be someone's therapist. It's not that you don't want to listen to their problems. But still, every problem solving is in the hands of your best friend

Sexual Restrictions

It is undeniable that friendships are also prone to sexual harassment. Forms of harassment in friendly relationships usually take the form of jokes, such as touching sensitive parts of the body to hurling sentences that make you feel uncomfortable.

Shannon Thomas also gives tips that you can apply boundaries when joking, especially if it leads to sexual jokes, such as physical appearance, clothing, and appearance.

Time Limit

Time issues can also be a problem that you need to set boundaries if you need to. Because, time can also be a trigger for quarrels in friendly relations. Examples include not being on time, or calling at a busy time or your bedtime.

You can set a time limit on when or in what way friends can contact you. Tell a friend that you may be more comfortable communicating via text than a phone or video call.

Privacy Restrictions

Even though you have been friends for a long time and are very close, you still need to maintain and make privacy boundaries with your friends. This aims to maintain a sense of security and comfort for each other.

So, what are some examples of privacy boundaries that you can make with friends? For example, if you don't open a photo or note folder on your cellphone, you're confused by the messages you receive on social media, even your monthly salary can include privacy.

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