It's Not Just Love, This Is How To Be A Good Friend For Couples! Make Relationships More Lasting, you know

 Having a partner who is not only a life partner but also a good friend is a blessing. Because not everyone can be a good friend to their partner.

Most only focus on love, but forget that even couples need someone who can position themselves as a friend or friend. Well, if you can't do it right now, take it easy, here's how to be a good friend for your partner that you can do. Check it out below!

1. Becoming a Comfortable Place for Storytelling

The first way to be a good friend to your partner is to try to be a comfortable place to talk. Say, how long have you and your partner not had a deep talk together?

Hmm, you know how come you are both busy with work, with office tasks, and a myriad of other activities. However, as busy as you are, take the time to chat together, try to be a comfortable place when your partner confides, and don't be busy alone when he's talking.

2. Make Time for Quality Time Together

Is it true that because of your busy schedule, you and your partner rarely spend quality time together? Remember how busy you are with office work, assignments, or whatever, if you want your relationship to last, always make time for quality time.

Whether it's just eating together, taking a walk, going on vacation, watching a movie together, or other activities. Take advantage of your time to do quality activities, of course.

3. Always try to be there

Like a good friend, he will always be there for us, no matter what your situation is, whether you like it or not. So if you want to be a partner as well as a good friend for your partner, try to always be there for him.

When the couple is at their lowest point, when they are sad, there is a problem, don't even leave them, but support them and give them support. Because most people are only present when they are having fun, it is our turn to fall, rarely there is someone who faithfully accompanies us. So try to be a person who is always there in times of joy and sorrow.

4. Always Maintain Communication

One of the most important things to maintain a harmonious relationship is communication. Communication in a relationship is very important to avoid misunderstanding or miscommunication.

So if there is a problem, don't forget to discuss it together, discuss to find a solution. Don't even hide it and hide it yourself. Remember you already have a partner, so communication is very important.

Those are four ways to be a good friend for your partner. Let's start now to position ourselves not only as a partner, but a good friend to him.

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