It's not easy to manipulate to give limits, this is how successful people deal with toxic friends

 Have you ever encountered a circle of friends that gave you a negative impact? Starting from friends who like to comment, often talk behind your back, make you nervous, to try to change you into a different person. If you have or are experiencing it, chances are that you are in the circle of a toxic friend.

Toxic friends tend to be unsupportive and don't contribute positively to your life at all. If allowed to continue, the presence of toxic friends around you can have a bad effect, you know. Both mentally and physically.

So that all of that doesn't happen, it turns out that there are a number of ways that successful people do to deal with toxic friends. Want to know how? Check out the following article, come on!

Take a Moment to Consider

Realizing that it turns out that your friends are toxic, can't always be done in a short period of time. Sometimes you only realize it after being friends with them for a long time. Reporting from Healthline, after realizing that you have a toxic friend who has a bad influence on your life, then take a moment first.

Accepting the fact that it turns out that friends who have been close and tend to be trusted have a bad influence on your life is not easy to do.

You can give a moment to get away from them. Understand and reconsider the time you spent without them. This can help to decide the next step.

Putting Limits on Interacting With Them

Once you have distanced yourself and have decided to remain a part of them, successful people tend to choose to set boundaries. You will experience a different feeling when you come back in the midst of toxic friends. To stay comfortable between them, set boundaries when interacting.

Still quoted from the same page, telling them the boundaries you want to hold is one of the important keys to maintaining friendly relations. These limits include not accepting certain behaviors, lying, condescending, or other negative behaviors that make you uncomfortable.

Don't Let Toxic Friends Manipulate

Dealing with a toxic friend, is often not easy to do. Not infrequently there are toxic friends who easily turn things around. They tend to manipulate things and blame you for what is going on between you two. If you experience this, don't let them affect you.

As quoted from detikEdu, setting distance and dodging is one of the right ways to deal with toxic friends who want to manipulate. You can set the right strategy to be able to interact with them on a limited basis. Choose a suitable time and location when you want to reconnect with them.

Consider Ending Friendship

Furthermore, successful people tend not to let friends or other people who are toxic, limit their happiness. Therefore, when you feel unhappy when you are in the midst of a toxic circle of friends, then you can consider ending your friendship.

Especially if you are among people who actually make you sad, anxious, to the point of feeling stressed. Protecting and making happiness for yourself should be a priority that you should start considering from now on.

Trying to Find New Friends

Letting go of toxic friends to get better friends, can be one way you can do it. Even though it doesn't sound easy, trying this method can help you get rid of bad influences that can attack mentally and physically.

Don't hesitate to open up to new friends. When you are surrounded by good friends who are a positive influence, you will also receive that positive energy as well as support that has a good influence on your life. Good luck!

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