He Do Gaslighting? Try This Way to Make Peace with Yourself!

 Have you ever been in a relationship or during an approaching period, often felt that you lost control of yourself? You feel confused yourself with your thoughts and reality, even questioning what is wrong with you. If you have experienced it, it could be that you are experiencing gaslighting.

Quoting from Very Well Mind, gaslighting behavior can be interpreted as a form of manipulation that occurs in a toxic relationship. This condition makes them uncomfortable and often makes the victim question the existing judgment and reality. In short, this gaslighting is done by the perpetrator to weaken one's perception of reality.

So if your crush or boyfriend is gaslighting, how do you make peace with yourself and the situation? Check out the following tips, come on!

Make sure it's gaslighting

The first way you can try is to make sure that the treatment you receive is indeed gaslighting. Reporting from Healthline, this behavior is not easy to recognize and often occurs through small things. The form of manipulation that occurs can take the form of lying or taking control over you.

The recognizable traits of this behavior are when you always question yourself, feel something is wrong with you, or even often apologize to him for things that you are confused about whether it was your fault or not.

Rude or critical behavior from a partner is not necessarily gaslighting, you know. Those who do often think they are always right and make you feel as though you are at fault.

Collect Evidence of Treatment

Next, make sure you collect evidence of the gaslighting treatment experienced. This method can help you through two conditions at once. The first condition is when you confirm to your partner, but they deny. Evidence such as screenshots of chats or even voice recordings that you have can help to clarify the situation.

In addition, having evidence of gasligthing behavior can also help you recover your mind as well as support emotions that have previously been shaken.

When you again question the truth and doubt yourself, try opening the screenshot or voice recording that you have saved before. This method will help you to get up and get your confidence back.

Talk to your partner

Still not relieved and feeling burdened? Try to communicate to your partner about the condition you are experiencing. The doi's treatment that makes you doubt and lose confidence certainly makes you uncomfortable. Talking to him about this condition often results are not as expected.

But in this way you can also find out what reactions and feelings are given by him. You can also be more helpful to reconsider what steps will be taken after this conversation.

Focus on Yourself

Experiencing gaslighting treatment is certainly tiring and not infrequently drains a lot of things that are in you. Therefore, make sure you stay focused on taking care of yourself. Both physically and mentally.

Doing a fun routine or hobby can help restore your mind, heart, and soul after what happened to your relationship.

Still launching from the same page, exercising can also help. Do sports according to your ability or comfort. This method helps to nourish the body as well as relax the mind, you know. If you don't really like outdoor sports, you can also try yoga or meditation to get good health benefits.

Tell a Trusted Person

In addition to the four methods above, there are other tips that you can try to make peace with yourself for the gaslighting treatment you receive. You do this by sharing what you are feeling with trusted people. This way, you can get another perspective that might help you make a decision.

Not only getting solutions, sharing with trusted people can also make you gain emotional support. Make sure to choose the right person who can be neutral and won't abuse your privacy. Good luck!

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