Happy again, immediately move on after breaking up with these 5 Fengshui-style Healing Tips


Not only bad for mentality, breaking up can also make physical appearance and aura worse. No wonder, many people look less attractive after breaking up because of the sad effects they experience. According to feng shui, a broken heart can eliminate positive aura, you know.

Don't be sad, there is really a way to get back the lost positive aura with some feng shui tips. Be happy immediately, try to follow the healing guide after a breakup that is quoted from the Fengshui Tarot.

Burn All Ex-Given Items

Couples gifts can carry the energy of love when touched. Unfortunately, if your partner has become an ex, there is no longer any urgency for that energy in your life. Therefore, immediately heal by burning the items given by the former.

If you don't have the heart to burn it, you can also collect these items and bury them away from home. The point is, don't let the energy from the things your ex give you again, okay?

Avoid Tourist Places You've Been to Together

Fengshui advises you to avoid tourist attractions that you have visited with your ex if you want to heal from old wounds. If you are in a hurry and there are no other travel options, choose another spot from that tourist spot.

Coming to a tourist place that you have visited will make memories with him rise again and trigger bad energy to surround you. So, you should avoid it, yes!

Change Rooms If Needed

The center of every human activity is in the room. You must have had a virtual date with your ex via video call or phone in your room, right? Turns out, the walls of the room also catch the voice of your ex and translate it into love energy.

Even if you bicker when you break up with your ex, actually the remnants of love energy are still stuck in the room. So, so you can quickly move on from him, immediately move rooms if necessary. If you stay, just ask to move to another room that is empty.

Delete Photos with Ex on Social Media

Displaying photos together is indeed recommended by feng shui to increase the energy of love. So, so that you can immediately heal from your ex, then do the opposite. Quickly delete photos with your ex on social media, yes.

Go on Nature Travel Often

According to feng shui, energy from nature can provide self-recovery from the pain of a broken heart, you know. So, try going to natural attractions such as beaches, lakes and parks. Feel the energy from the sun's rays enter the body so that the healing process is faster.

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